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Globe Telecom talks about disaster risk reduction in “The Manila Social Good Summit”

The Manila Social Good Summit

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom shared with the world its disaster risk reduction and management program to ensure the delivery of on-time and efficient communication services to people nationwide even in times of calamities.

“Globe continuously works on ways to limit the impact of any disruption in its operations. Thus, it has a business continuity management policy in place which prioritizes the safety of the people and ensures the delivery of products and services even during disasters,” said Fernando Esguerra, OIC, Globe Corporate Social Responsibility.

Globe Telecom’s network preparedness and resilience plan was presented by Esguerra to participants to The Manila Social Good Summit spearheaded by social news network Rappler. It was live-streamed on both Rappler and PlusSocialGood.org.

The event provided concrete next action steps towards addressing disaster risk reduction and response in view of the 2012 World Risk Index which identified the Philippines as the 3rd most vulnerable nation to climate change and disasters in the world; and its capital, Manila, as the 2nd most vulnerable city.

The Social Good Summit is an annual, global event that brings together movers and shakers to discuss how technology and social media can be used for social good.

While nothing can provide absolute guarantee that a severely disruptive event will no longer occur, Globe has a commitment to its stakeholders that it is ready to respond to and recover from any incident, including those not anticipated.

As a result, Globe was the first telecommunications firm in the Philippines to have been certified as company-wide compliant with BS25999 international standard for business continuity, proving that the organization is more than capable to proactively plan, prevent and navigate through difficult periods. It is already awaiting certification on ISO 22301 which will replace BS25999.

The certification also serves as a pledge of excellence and commitment that necessary steps have been taken to make sure that the organization survives through disruptions and maintains a business as usual motion.

Emergency response team members are always fast to respond to emergencies with the goal of saving lives and preventing any further damage to assets.  Existing network and IT recovery plans, on the other hand, aim for quick recovery of its mission-critical services and operations.

According to Esguerra, the best proof of Globe disaster preparedness can be seen in the field as the spirit of volunteerism is firmly inculcated among employees.  Every time calamity strikes, employee volunteers together with CSR partner organization are always there to provide immediate assistance to calamity victims through relief operations, free call and text services, and donations.

For instance, during the Zamboanga City siege, Globe volunteers were already at the evacuation sites to offer Libreng Tawag services a day after fighting broke out despite the dangerous situation.

Globe CSR is an active partner of the Department of Social Welfare and Development in its relief repacking operations as well as the Weather Philippines Foundation on its automated weather stations (AWS) project.  Globe provides the SIM cards and network service necessary for the AWS to relay pertinent data to the computer for weather monitoring purposes.

Source: Globe Telecom

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