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HP Urges Customers to Rethink Security Strategy

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New offerings disrupt adversaries, manage risk and extend organizations’ security capabilities

HP recently announced new products and services that enable enterprises to disrupt the adversary marketplace, manage risk and extend their security capabilities to better protect themselves against a growing threat landscape. More details after the jump.

Cybercrime continues to increase, with 92 percent of Forbes Global 2000 companies reporting data breaches in the last 12 months. This growth is due to adversaries forming a more sophisticated and collaborative marketplace through which they share information and advanced data theft tools. Studies estimate that the global cybercrime black market has a value of $104 billion per year.

Evolving regulatory and legislative requirements are further adding to enterprises’ security burden, with an estimated average cost of noncompliance at $13.7 million for global organizations. Additionally, in the world of bring your own device (BYOD), IT no longer controls the endpoint, offering the adversary many more control points to attack.

HP’s new products and services enable enterprises to approach their security challenges with a single view of information security, and to manage risk and compliance. Leveraging HP’s industry-leading security research and security professionals, these new offerings are designed to help organizations disrupt the adversary marketplace, optimize their risk postures and extend their own capabilities.

“Enterprises today aren’t facing a single attacker; they are fighting a well-organized, well-funded adversary marketplace,” said Christopher Poulos, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Security Products, HP Asia Pacific and Japan. “To succeed in thwarting attacks, you need a trusted partner that can provide end-to-end security with enhanced threat intelligence to disrupt the adversary. Only HP can deliver this.”

“An organization extends well beyond its four walls—it’s made up of a vast ecosystem of suppliers, devices that can go anywhere and, not to mention, a web that is literally worldwide,” said Lawrence Ong, general manager, Enterprise Security Services, HP Enterprise Services, Asia Pacific and Japan. “HP helps clients reduce risk and manage the complexities of protecting the flow of information—both internally and externally—enabling them to focus on driving innovation.”

Disrupting the adversary through next-generation solutions
HP’s approach to security disrupts the life cycle of an attack with prevention and real-time threat detection, from the application layer to the hardware and software interface.

New and enhanced HP offerings provide real-time threat disruption and self-healing technology combined with crowd-sourced security intelligence:

  • HP Threat Central, the industry’s first community-sourced security intelligence platform to facilitate automated, real-time collaboration among organizations in the battle against active cyberthreats. 
  • HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) addresses risks introduced by cloud, mobile and BYOD by delivering easy-to-use, reliable, high-performance security effectiveness with granular application visibility and control.
  • HP ArcSight and HP Fortify offer data-driven security technologies, including HP ArcSight Application View, HP ArcSight Management Center, HP ArcSight Risk Insight and HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) v6.5c , that empower security operations teams to run more effectively with accelerated and real-time application-level threat detection. 
  • HP SureStart, the industry’s first and only self-healing technology that automatically restores a system’s PC Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) to its previously safe state if attacked or corrupted, delivering a “future proof” technological breakthrough to HP EliteBook customers. This offering is part of the HP BIOSphere, a firmware ecosystem that automates data protection as well as robust configurability and manageability for HP business PCs.

Manage risk exposure through security services 
As the adversary marketplace intensifies, internal security teams are struggling to respond to the velocity and severity of threats.

HP Managed Security Services (MSS) help internal security teams accelerate threat identification, response and remediation by providing expertise and advanced security intelligence. With HP MSS, intrusions are detected within 11.8 minutes, and 92 percent of major incidents are resolved within two hours of identification. HP MSS security professionals also possess global and regional knowledge of legal, regulatory and standard developments to improve overall risk posture.

New offerings from HP MSS and HP Enterprise Services help boost security posture, manage regulatory challenges and reduce risk:

  • The HP Supplier Security Compliance Solution protects the flow of information across an organization’s network of suppliers. After a data breach, organizations can gain control of their data to minimize the loss of money, trade secrets and customer trust.
  • HP Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) Protection Services leverage leading security tools, HP MSS and 24/7 event monitoring by skilled security analysts to help organizations detect and take immediate action on DDoS and web-application attacks. As a result, clients can reduce potential losses from system downtime and lost productivity.  

Extending capabilities with personnel depth
Despite spending more on cybersecurity, chief information officers (CIOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) are still challenged with identifying, retaining and educating security professionals. HP Enterprise Security offers a combined 657 million hours of expertise that extend customers’ capabilities and complement existing resources.

The new HP Security Risk and Controls Advisory Service for Mobility enables organizations to understand, identify and implement an effective security strategy to manage employee-owned devices in the enterprise.

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