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NLEX Assist app for travel advisories and deals for motorists launched!

NLEX Assist App

Just in time for the All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) through its subsidiary Voyager Innovations Inc. (Voyager) and Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) launched NLEX Assist, a mobile app for travel advisories and deals for motorists traversing the North Luzon Expressway.

Released at the Google Play store last October 8, NLEX Assist connects to the expressway’s traffic monitoring system and features easy-to-use and real-time color-coded traffic status for Luzon’s main highway.

Those using the app while on the road in NLEX can also receive real time push-notification road alerts and public service advisories from NLEX. A one-touch roadside assistance key button to the NLEX hotline is also built-in and integrated for convenience.

But more than just traffic status and updates, NLEX Assist utilizes a mobile advertising and mobile payments platforms that make the whole motoring experience seamless and convenient.

Registered users entering and exiting the highways will soon be able to enjoy numerous special offers, promos, and discounts from establishments and businesses along the expressway. This feature is already active and will soon be promoted as a platform for MNTC partners and Smart’s mobile advertising services.

For its next release, motorists will also be able to calculate their toll fee and those who register and pair their NLEX electronic toll collection (ETC) card will be able to check their remaining balance.

“We’re happy to introduce NLEX Assist in time for Undas so motorists can have a more convenient and safe travel experience. The mobile app complements our existing customer service offerings by providing motorists with real time updates and notifications as well as relevant offerings.” said MNTC president and CEO Rodrigo E. Franco.

“With the growing number of smartphone users and the corresponding community of connected motorists, there’s a rise in demand for transport apps in the country. What makes this more compelling is the easy integration of relevant features on top of traffic updates.” said Benjie S. Fernandez, chief operating officer, Voyager.

Users may download the NLEX Assist app for free via the Smartnet app update. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Source: Smart Communications

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