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Access Worldwide Mobile Broadband Networks with D-Link’s New DWR-921 4G LTE Router

D-Link DWR-921 4G LTE Router

D-Link, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of networking products is pleased to introduce the latest D-Link DWR-921 4G LTE Router. Users can take their broadband connection with them on-the-go, creating high-speed Wireless N hotspots with speeds up to 150Mbps anywhere while being assured that their network remains secure with firewalls and wireless encryption.

LTE Router connects up to 10 devices

The DWR-921 4G LTE Router allows users to access worldwide mobile broadband networks, and share their connection through both wired and wireless connections to the router. Once connected, users can transfer data, stream media, and send SMS messages simultaneously. Simply insert a UMTS/HSUPA SIM card and share the 3G/4G Internet connection via a secure 802.11n wireless network or through any of the four 10/100 Ethernet ports. Fitted with an in-built 4G LTE modem, the maximum downlink speed is up to 100Mbps and uplink speed up to 50Mbps. It also comes with two detachable 3G/4G antennas for better signal connectivity and range.

Encryption and filtering tools offer stronger security
Equipped with WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption, the DWR-921 keeps the wireless network safe by preventing unauthorized users from accessing the network. With dual-active firewalls (SPI and NAT), the router also prevents potential attacks across the Internet. Users also have the option to configure the Media Access Control (MAC) Address Filtering to control which users can utilize the network, and what content they can access.

Designed for speedy and smooth setup, the lightweight DWR-921 4G LTE Router, weighing just 500g or less than an iPad, can be installed quickly and easily almost anywhere. This router is great for situations where an impromptu Internet access is required, or wherever conventional network access is unavailable. A portable size, measuring at 190 x 111.5 x 23.5mm (slighter larger than the palm of a hand), the router can even be installed in buses, trains, or boats, allowing passengers to email or chat online while commuting or traveling.

DWR-921 is also able to support broadband internet connection by connecting a DSL/Cable modem to its dedicated WAN port. Users can then set the broadband connection as the primary link, while the 3G/4G connection serves as a backup. The WAN failover feature ensures a seamless and uninterrupted connection by automatically triggering the backup link to take over whenever the primary WAN link is lost.

The D-Link DWR-921 Wireless N-150 4G LTE Router will be available in Q4 2013 at authorized retailers, resellers and distribution partners.

Source: D-Link

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