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Globe: Tacloban no longer isolated, mobile signal up in 1 cellsite, Restoration in Visayas ongoing

Globe Cellsite on wheels

Globe Telecom was able to reconnect the province of Tacloban with the rest of the world with 1 cellsite serving critical communication requirements of the local government units and agencies involved in disaster response and coordination efforts. More details after the jump.

The temporary site was put up near Hotel Alejandro along Paterno St. in Tacloban. Tacloban was among the hardest hit provinces of Typhoon Yolanda and the last isolated area where Globe mobile signals were fully disrupted.

Globe said that restoration efforts are being accelerated in the Visayas region with the assistance of government units like the Phil. Air Force and the Phil. Navy who lent assistance in providing transport requirements for heavy network equipment that are being airlifted or shipped to critical sites including Tacloban.

Around 26 sites from Calbayog, Samar to northern Samar have also been repaired and brought back to operations. Of the total sites affected including those in southern Luzon and Mindanao, 471 sites, or 30% of total affected sites have already been restored. In the Visayas region, close to 20% of all 2G/3G sites affected have been restored.

Libreng Tawag, Libreng Charging centers mobilized
Parallel with efforts to repair base stations, Globe also mobilized Libreng Tawag stations in 3 sites in Iloilo. These are in the following areas:

  1. OWWA Office 3F Robinson Mall
  2. Western Visayas Cyberlink Inc. HUB Shoppers Avenue
  3. Globe Telecom JM Basa St. Iloilo

In addition, Libreng Charging stations have been set up whereby gensets serving the Globe cellsites are used to charge mobile phones to help residents in the area with no commercial power.

Southern Leyte

  1. IC Abgao,Maasin City
  2. GT Mambahao Maasin 
  3. FOBN Maasin City 
  4. GT Maria Clara Maasin 
  5. GT Macrohon 
  6. GT Pob. P. Burgos 
  7. IC Tangkaan P. Burgos  
  8. GT Bunga P. Burgos  
  9. GT Bontoc So. Lyte 
  10. IC Sogod So. Lyte 
  11. IC Lilo-an So. Lyte 
  12. GT Nahulid


  1. GT Dagohoy
  2. Innove Talibon
  3. GT Sagbayan 
  4. GT Alicia Innove 
  5. GT La Union Candijay 
  6. GT Buenavista 
  7. GT Rosario Inabanga 
  8. GT Tabajan Guindulman 
  9. GT Bien Unido 
  10. GT Alijawan Jagna

Source: Globe Telecom

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