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Apacer, the only Industrial SSD Manufacturer winning the 22nd Taiwan Excellence Award!

Apacer product pic of winning 22nd Taiwan Excellence Award

Apacer won the 22nd Taiwan Excellence Awards once again, which is the only one industrial SSD manufacturer! A total of 186 brand manufacturers and 1281 products entered the 22nd Taiwan Excellence Awards – “2014 Taiwan Excellence Awards”, both hitting records high, among which three of Apacer’s industrial SSDs were granted the 22nd Taiwan Excellence Awards, which affirmed Apacer’s excellent strength in R&D design and forward thinking.

Apacer not only is devoted to R&D for innovative products, but provides value-added and customized professional services, exploring solutions to solve customers’ problems. The industrial SSDs awarded showcased Apacer’s reliable professional capabilities and consistent innovation in industrial fields. The awarded products include Apacer SSDWidget – the world’s first-ever monitoring SSD software with cloud technology, SFD 25A-M - the industry-leading 5mm ultra-slim SSD, and CSD (Combo SATA Drive) - the dual drives SSD with groundbreaking and innovative design.

SSDWidget, the world’s first-ever cloud-based remote monitoring SSD software
Apacer SSDWidget is a mobile software with SSD real-time monitoring and diagnosis function. The administrator could operate in the computer software (Client Version) installed in a desktop computer to acquire key data In the mobile-cloud era, the software’s range of application has been extended by creatively developing an exclusive APP (Mobile Version) for smartphones and tablet PCs. After downloading and installing, the administrator will receive real-time information of SSD conditions deployed in systems of all areas without limits of time and region.

SFD 25A-M, industry-leading 5mm ultra-slim SSD
The emphasis on mobility of tablet/smart phone/ultra thin PC has made storage devices thinner and lighter. Therefore, Apacer launches the industry-leading ultra-slim 5mm SFD (SATA Flash Drive) 25A-M SSD with the latest SATA 3 (6Gb/s) transmission interface and standard 7+15 pin male connector. It features 50% thinner , while boasts 256GB huge capacity and excellent sequential read/write speed up to 480/350 MB/sec and high efficiency of IOPs 80K, satisfying the need for compactness and offering the best solution for portable applications.

CSD, a unique dual drives SSD with extremely high security for data storage
CSD is a special design with dual SATA SSD inside the standard 2.5-inch SSD space, adopting SAS connector, which enables users to freely choose the capacity size of the disk and NAND Flash type (SLC or MLC). CSD, whose sequential read speed is up to over 1,000MB/s, could be set by users into high-speed (RAID 0) or back-up (RAID 1) mode to apply to various demands. Under RAID 1 mode, data will be synchronously saved in both SSDs. It is qualified to serve as a storage solution with high data security and optimal access efficiency.

Source: Apacer

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