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Braven 710 Bluetooth Speaker: A great gift idea this Christmas for only Php7,450!

Braven 710 Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for a cool and functional gadget as a stocking stuffer this holiday season, look no further than Braven’s latest invention, the Braven 710 Bluetooth speaker. Braven has long been known to create the most functional wireless speakers in the market, and the 710 is no exception. Clad in aircraft-grade aluminum, the Braven 710 is built with stylishness and durability in mind. It is IPX5 (water resistant) certified making it the most handsome, ruggedized portable speaker in the market.

The Braven 710 also takes wireless audio to the next level by supporting the Bluetooth aptX standard which makes music streamed to the Braven 710 clearer, more robust and louder. Equipped with a 1,400 mAh battery, the Braven 710 is guaranteed to have a run-time lasting around 12 hours. Also, in true stereo-fashion, the Braven 710 can be wirelessly chained (using Bluetooth) to another Braven 710 to produce true stereo audio. As with all Braven speakers, the 710 has a built-in microphone which enables it to be used a speakerphone. A USB port is also fixed on the Braven 710 which makes it do double duty as a portable power charger.

A Bluetooth speaker, speakerphone and a portable charger compressed inside a water-proof, aircraft-grade aluminum shell. The Braven 710 is truly befitting of its title of being “The Most Talented Speaker”. All of these for a reasonable price of Php7,450 (SRP).

The Braven 710 portable speaker is truly a gift that can match every lifestyle.  You can get this talented portable speaker at Astroplus, Astrovision, Beyond the Box, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, iCenter, iGig, iStore, iStudio, MicroStation, Mobile 1, Odyssey, SM Appliance, SM Department Store, Stoked Inc. and Technoholics.

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