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Cooliris new mobile app brings collaborative sharing and conversations around media

Cooliris New Home Design

Cooliris, world leader in immersive media applications including the creation of the Android Gallery app, adds new experiential group interactions to the personal media experience in its Cooliris iOS application. With the new Cooliris Groups, collaborative sharing and meaningful conversations around media become easily possible for close-knit groups.

“Today, media sharing via messaging relies on just creation and consumption. With Cooliris Groups, we are adding a new dimension of collaboration and conversation on mobile devices to provide a richer and more contextual media experience to users,” said Soujanya Bhumkar, Cooliris CEO and co-founder. “With this, we are breaking new ground in the category of privacy-respecting groups, which was an unmet need until now.”

Today’s new Cooliris release streamlines the group creation and group messaging process for consumers around the world. Cooliris users, active in 180 countries, can now more easily create private groups and collaborate within the Cooliris app. Cooliris users can fast-track group formations with new people by simply tapping on profiles, thereby eliminating the need to type the entire contact information. This fast-chat style conversation around media elevates the experience to a highly personalized level.

The new Cooliris version also elevates the user experience with more personalization options and introduces a brand new home screen with custom backgrounds. With over 3 billion photos connected in the app, the new version adds a slideshow mode to enable users to automatically play any of their photos from any service in the 3D Wall, making the app also now the best way to enjoy and display photos to friends.

Today, Cooliris also announces a new partnership with Sina Weibo, China’s largest microblogging site with 500 million users, enabling users to access and explore their Sina Weibo content in the Cooliris 3D Wall. Cooliris users can endlessly discover new Sina Weibo content by tapping the username in the metadata to easily pivot to new walls of content from different users, and instantly follow new people from within the app. With the deep integration with Sina Weibo, the Cooliris app now supports 20 media sources that can be connected to the app for exploring and sharing into Cooliris Groups.

The new Cooliris update is available for free on iPad and iPhone in the iTunes App Store. Today’s Cooliris release also includes a localized Japanese language version of the app that is available in the Japan iTunes App Store.

Source: Cooliris

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