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Edifier launches Spinnaker, Studio 1600TIII, Studio 1280T and DA5100 in the Philippines

Edifier Spinnaker

Edifier Technology Company, Ltd, maker of high-end audio technology with distribution of products in over 70 countries world-wide, enters the Philippine market with much confidence. According to Nikko Wilkinson, marketing manager of Edifier, the company would like to heighten its presence in the international market by expanding its distribution network.

“Edifier strives to have a brand presence in countries around the world. The Philippines is a vast market with demand for innovative speakers within the consumer electronic industry,” Nikko said.

Nikko explained Edifier makes versatile speakers suitable for variety of environments such us entertainment rooms, businesses, and personal spaces.

“We have speakers that are great for computers, both desktop and laptops, home entertainment in the living room, bedroom or kitchen as well as portable speakers for audio on the go,” Nikko said.

“Our wide variety of speakers on hand means consumers can find the speaker best suited to their needs and application,” she added.

Nikko further noted that Edifier takes great pride in creating speakers with unique designs, practical applications with great audio capabilities at reasonable prices.

“We control the design through manufacturing processes internally, ensuring the best materials, audio tuning and overall quality is present in each speaker made.”

While Edifier does produce traditional speaker sets, the company also keeps several award winning speaker designs that offer the end user a more unique option and personal preference.

Edifier Spinnaker
Among its award winning designs is the Spinnaker, an iconic system standing 15 inches tall and the abstract shape is designed to be visually striking as well as a facilitator to enhance the audio performance.

Edifier Spinnaker
Edifier Spinnaker

The shape projects sound towards the listener with a 19mm silk domed, front facing tweeter, a 2¾ inch mid-range driver, reinforced with a downward firing 4 inch subwoofer in each satellite.

The Spinnaker is Bluetooth enabled, allowing audio connectivity to any Bluetooth device that supports both A2DP and AVRCA profiles for versatile track navigation, play/mute and volume adjustment through the multi-functional dome-shaped remote control.

The remote control operates on a 433Mhz radio frequency up to a 10M radius making all control options easily accessible without the disturbance of inanimate objects. An optical and auxiliary input port is also available for connectivity to other external multimedia devices simultaneously.

“A speaker-output port allows an external subwoofer/speaker to be connected for additional base performance, making the Spinnaker a versatile system for both home and office use,” Nikko said.

Edifier Studio 1600TIII and Studio 1280T
Edifier also brought two studio speakers in the country tagged as Studio 1600TIII and Studio 1280T, suitable for a more spacious environment.

Studio 1600TIII is a powerful studio speaker set with an edgy design that produces 66W RMS from the 4 inch bass driver and 19mm tweeter drivers in each speaker.

Edifier Studio 1600TIII
Edifier Studio 1600TIII

“A front facing bass reflex port emphasizes lower frequencies, allowing for richer bass performance,” Nikko explained.

Next is the Studio 1280T, equipped with dual RCA inputs, which can produce up to 42W RMS of audio output.

Edifier Studio 1280T
Edifier Studio 1280T

A 4 inch bass driver and front facing bass reflex port ensures bass notes are robust and rich in sound. Connect to multiple devices and personalize your listening experience with the bass and treble adjustment dials located on the active speaker.

According to Nikko since the institution of the company in 1996, Edifier has evolved into an international company that produces speakers for the consumer electronic industry in both the multimedia and lifestyle categories.

Edifier DA5100
Finally, Edifier brings in the perfect home entertainment solution; the DA5100 can be connected to a variety of media devices using the 5.1 input, RCA, or auxiliary input.

Edifier DA5100
Edifier DA5100

An 8 inch bass driver produces and impressive 65W of rich bass, while each of the 5 satellites produce 11W RMS of clear mid-range and treble notes.

A multi-functional remote control allows easy control of volume, bass and treble adjustments, input section as well as channel adjustment.

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