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Make the most of your smartphone with Smart Postpaid’s Chat All and Waze offers


It’s one thing to have the latest and most advanced smartphones, it’s another thing to maximize the device to make it worth the investment. Mobile leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is encouraging its subscribers to be “smarter smartphone users” by taking advantage of its functions and features that can make communication and connectivity richer, more useful and engaging.

To help subscribers conveniently and easily access useful smartphone applications, Smart has made available Chat All and Waze data offers for its postpaid users.

“We will be constantly coming up with innovative yet affordable data packages designed to give our subscribers the best smartphone user experience,” said Kathy Carag, head of Smart’s postpaid business group. “We’re starting with the Chat All 299 package that can be used on the most popular messaging apps today, and various data packages for the traffic navigation app Waze.”

Chat All 299 gives Smart Postpaid subscribers all-day access to chat apps Line, WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for 30 days. To register, subscriber only needs to text CHATALL 299 to 7577 (for All In Plans), 9990 (for Freedom Plan) or 2200 (other plans).

With a single data package worth P299 valid for a month, subscribers will be able to make the most of all these four apps’ features like real-time chatting, voice calls and memos, multimedia messaging, sending of stickers and emoticons and more, anytime, anywhere. No need to look for a WiFi hotspot.

“Now, you can have these four chat applications turned on all the time for constant communication, with no fear of missing out on anything or spending too much on data services,” said Carag. “The key to enjoying your smartphone to the fullest is knowing it inside and out and mastering how to control your data features and background apps to avoid unnecessary charges. And with packages like the Chat All 299, you can save by just using the apps specific to your needs.”

Smart Postpaid is also offering various data packages for users of the traffic navigation social app Waze.

Waze for Smart Postpaid

For only P99 (valid for 30 days), user can have unlimited access to the app to make driving more efficient and navigating the streets easier.

The Waze data package is available in 4 variants. WAZE 99 (P99 for 30 days), WAZE 30 (P30 for 7 days), WAZE 5 (P5 for one day) and WAZE 2 (P2 for 3 hours). User only needs to text the keyword to 7577 (for All In Plans), 9990 (for Freedom Plan) or 211 (other plans).

For Smart All-In plan user, the Chat All and Waze packages will be charged within the consumable monthly credits.

“As more and more popular and relevant applications change and innovate the way we communicate and live our lives, we will be exploring ways on how to make it more accessible to our subscribers,” Carag said.

For more information on the Chat All offer, visit www1.smart.com.ph/Postpaid/chat299. To know more about the Smart Waze packages, visit http://www1.smart.com.ph/postpaid/wazeflexibundle.

Chat All for Smart Postpaid

Source: Smart Communications

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