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Call and text abroad more often with Smart Postpaid’s International Flexibundles

Smart Flexi Call and Text 30

Smart Communications is enabling its postpaid subscribers to call and text their loved ones abroad at more affordable rates, through its international Flexibundles. Smart has designed its Flexibundles – the array of call, text and data packages that postpaid subscribers can mix and match to power up their postpaid plans – to include international call and text bundles that can significantly reduce charges for those who frequently contact families and loved ones abroad.

Postpaid users of Smart, whether they’re on All-In, Freedom, UnliPostpaid or UnliData plan can choose from a variety of international Flexibundles and register to the package that best suits their needs.

“With Smart Postpaid’s international Flexibundles, our subscribers can now manage their subscription better to enjoy affordable and hassle-free international calling and texting,” said Michele Curran, Department Head for Smart's Data and International Services. “With Smart, there’s no need to mentally compute your running charges whenever you’re on the phone with your family or friends abroad or when you’re sending your text messages. Call and text anytime you want, without the fear of costly phone bills.”

For a fixed rate of P500, valid for 30 days, a Smart Postpaid subscriber (except Freedom Plan) can enjoy 400 minutes of calls or international texts to USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore (P1.25 per min of call or per text) with the International Flexi Call and Text 500 Flexibundle. (Keyword: IDDMAX).

The International Flexi Call and Text 50 (Keyword: FCT50) meanwhile gives 5 minutes of IDD calls or 5 international texts to Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy and Taiwan for 7 days, for only P50. A P30 variant (Keyword: FCT30) gives subscribers 6 minutes of IDD calls or 6 international texts to USA, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Guam, South Korea, Malaysia, Hawaii, Macau, Brunei and Singapore for 3 days.

There is also the Talk A Lot IDD 300 (Keyword: TLK300) that gives subscribers 200 minutes of IDD calls to most of USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore for 30 days for only P300; and the IDD Bundle Saver 200 (Keyword: IDD) that lets user call abroad at local rates, plus get free 5 minutes of IDD calls for 30 days, for only P200.

To register for any of these International Flexibundles, subscribers only need to text the keyword to 7577 (for All-In plans), 9990 (for Freedom Plan) or 2207 (other Plans). The cost of the Flexibundle will be charged to the consumable amount (for All-In) or charged on top of the monthly service fee (other plans).

Trivia Promo
More treats await Smart Postpaid subscribers who frequently use international services when they join the Smart Postpaid International Christmas Trivia Raffle Promo. To start earning raffle entries, subscriber must only register to the promo through the Christmas Trivia app in Smart’s official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications).

Raffle points will be earned for every correct answer. Points are also accumulated for every use of Smart’s international services, inclusive of roaming. Robinsons movie passes will be given to the lucky winners in the weekly raffle draws that will run until January 7, 2014.

Six winners of travel packages to Hong Kong and Singapore, Samsung Galaxy Note3 with Gear, and a Samsonite luggage will be drawn in the grand raffle on February 12, 2014.

For more information on Smart’s Flexibundles, visit www1.smart.com.ph/flexibundles.

Source: Smart Communications

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