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Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone: Specs, Price and Availability in the Philippines

Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone
The G1 Watch Phone: The first wearable device from Cherry Mobile!

Cherry Mobile recently announced that one of its most anticipated and first wearable device that merges the functionality of a wristwatch and a mobile phone, the Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone is now available at selected stores nationwide. The Cherry Mobile G1 has a price tag of Php1,699 (SRP) and comes bundled with a Bluetooth headset. More details after the jump.

Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone Specs
Dual SIM / Dual Standby
1.44" TFT Touch LCD w/ Slider Key + D-Pad
MicroSD support up to 8GB
VGA (0.3MP) Camera
Mass Storage Function
FM Radio / Music/Video Player
Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR
MMS Supported
GPRS Class 12
FREE Bluetooth Headset
Price: Php1,699 (Official SRP)
Availability/ Release Date: Out now!

Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone

Note: If you own this phone, please share some of your experiences and opinions about this phone, so that others may be aware of it. Thanks!

Source: Cherry Mobile (Facebook)

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  1. Just got one today... I'm loving it so far! Note: if you have a big thumb/fingers... I think texting might be a bit difficult...

  2. well, the FM radio doesn't work. it is asking to plug in the headphone but there is no headphone jack. i already synced the bluetooth headphone and it is still not working.

  3. Xtian Tags AftermathJanuary 6, 2014 at 2:10 PM

    This is my very first mobile review (might be the last too) so please bear with me.

    Cherry Mobile G1 Watch Phone Specs:

    Dual Sim / Dual Standby

    Dual Band GSM (900 / 1800 MHz)

    1.44 inches TFT LCD (128 x 128 pixels)

    VGA Camera

    FM Radio

    Music Player (MP3, AMR, WAV)

    Video Player (3GP, MP4, AVI)

    Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR

    GPRS Class 12 / WAP 2.0

    Micro-USB / Mass Storage Function

    MMS Supported

    MicroSD up to 8GB

    With Bluetooth Headset

    Battery is 400 mAh / 1.48Wh

    Already out in the Market for just Php1,699.00

    I bought my Cherry Mobile G1 last January 1, 2014 (my first gadget of the year). I was dying to get one since it was announced. When I saw it in a mall somewhere in Metro Manila, I didn't hesistate to purchase it.

    Let's start off with the apperance. The photo on the box shows a promising image. However, there was a huge difference on the actual phone. On the box, the digital time display is in white, and the background of the LCD is black. But the actual phone's LCD background is in white, and the characters are the ones in black. The color of the phone on the box is amazing. But the actual unit looks like a toy. The color is (disappointing) pale.

    The G1 comes in five different colors (based on what i actually saw) such as red, yellow, green, blue, and violet. I chose yellow (my favorite).

    I have no problem with the rubbery feel of strap of the watch phone on my skin. The size of the phone itself on my wrist is awesome. However, it looks huge when the LCD was slid up. There was one instance while I was texting with it, someone said it's kinda look like the ones used by Power Rangers (I got embarassed by the way).

    VGA Camera on the right side of the screen is decent. But it would be better if it was placed at the back of the LCD or simply on the top of it. It’s hard to take photos or videos with the camera on the right side of the screen. Good thing about the camera, it act as a spy cam. But again, it's easier to take videos or photos if the camera is not on the right side of the LCD.

    The display is good. Sometimes it's hard to utilize the touch screen. There are some cases that the screen reacts late. The keypad is a burden if you have large fingers (HAHAHA). One more thing, you cannot navigate the phone nor simply read SMS if you do not slide up the LCD. It doesn't have a screen protector (had to purchase my own) on it.

    The speaker is weak, maybe due to it's size. I'm not happy with it. I think that's the reason why it comes with a bluetooth headset. And hey, it only costs Php1,699.00, so I guess it's fair enough.

    It also comes with a cable for charging the bluetooth headset, and a wall charger for the watch phone.

    Bluetooth Headset: Poor

    Speaker: Poor

    My overall rating: 8/10

  4. I think masyado minadaly ng CM and pagre-release ng local "smartwatch". I can't even consider this one as a "smartwatch" because it's more of a low-budget feature phone na nilagyan ng wristband.
    I appreciate CM's effort na gawin nila to, however the product is too immature. I'll probably wait for CM (and perhaps its competitors) to release a "finished" smartwatch.

  5. ok na ung features nya para sa presyo... why expect more kung presyo nya ganyan kababa.. of course it would be low budget phone.. at least touch screen cya hehe...


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