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LoveByte Introduces Sticker Store

LoveByte Sticker Store

LoveByte, the mobile app that specializes in helping couples to improve their relationship, introduces the Sticker Store into its instant messaging feature. More details after the jump.

With LoveByte’s all new Sticker Store which boasts more than 10 sets of specially designed stickers, couples can now better shower their affections for each other. The stickers come in different themes and even in male and female sets so couples can now download the sets they feel best describe themselves.

Each sticker set features a different character with its unique personality displayed as a range of emotive faces and expressions, which LoveByte assures that users will definitely be able to resonate with. This new addition of stickers is part of LoveByte’s attempt at personalizing communication and strengthening couples one step at a time.

Apart from the Sticker Store, the update on LoveByte also includes a Secret Message feature. This idea is expanded from LoveByte's unique and innovative scratchcard feature, where the app helps couples alleviate the trouble of thinking of different date activities. The Secret Message feature does that while at the same time, adding an element of sweet surprise.

LoveByte’s CEO Amelia Chen said, "LoveByte reminds couples to stay loving and spend time with each other, interacting both online and offline. It's important to keep the spark alive by going on dates. Having a staycation is a perfect example for couples to enjoy each other's company and spend some quality time together."

LoveByte can be downloaded for free at http://lovebyte.us/getapp. The application is compatible with iOS and Android.

Source: LoveByte

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