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Ozaki O!tool D26, T52 and J104 Portable Backup Batteries Now Available in the Philippines!

Ozaki O!tool D26

Blast off with stylish and head turning backup batteries from Ozaki. Available in 3 robot-like designs, Ozaki O!tool batteries are uniquely designed to add zest to your charging needs. More about Ozaki O!tool batteries after the jump.

D26 is a small yet powerful companion to keep your smartphone powered throughout the day. With 2600mAh capacity, it is good enough to give an iPhone a full charge. It can also juice up other USB powered smartphones. The D26 also has LED indicators to properly monitor your power consumption and charging status. Available at Php1,995.

T52 offers 5200mAh capacity making it ideal for overnight trips. Unlike other portable batteries in the market, T52 comes with a built-in wall charger and allows simultaneous charging of two devices through its two USB ports. It features an LCD screen for monitoring charging time and battery status. Recharging can also be through a micro-USB cable. Available at Php3,995.

Ozaki O!tool T52

J104 is apt for longer trips. Faster charging time and higher battery capacity makes J104 an ideal traveller’s companion. It only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the 10400 mAh lithium polymer battery through the provided high-power DC 5V/3.4A adapter. Aside from that, it can also be recharged using a micro-USB cable. J104, like the T52, has an LCD screen and can accommodate to recharge two devices simultaneously. Available at Php5,495.

Ozaki O!tool J104

Distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For availability and detailed specifications please email marketing@msi-ecs.com.ph.

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