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Pretentious Game: A multi-awarded, 100% Pinoy made game!

Pretentious Game

A Filipino independent game developer in Pampanga named Bari Silvestre, recently won the "Director's Choice Award" for his hit game "Pretentious Game" at the Casual Connect in San Francisco. The game which was released on December 5 has over 200,000+ downloads (iOS and Android) and received many positive reviews from top review sites and players all over the world. More about Pretentious Game after the jump.

Clever, intriguing, touching, Pretentious Game surprises by the depth of its narrative. Powerful story about love, the title explores the sense of loss and (re)discovery of the other. Between each platform and each riddles, many levels of understanding are possible. The game features a blue square that is out to capture the heart of his pink square sweetheart with some obstacles along the way.

The game is already awarded or nominated for a lot of prizes, including the Independant Game Festival (IGF) 2014.


  • A tale about love, transcendence and pursuit of happiness
  • A powerful narrative through clever puzzles
  • Innovative gameplay at each level that suits the story
  • A journey driven by the enchanting music of Erik Satie

Note: The first chapter of the game will be available for free and the rest of the game at $0.99 via in-app purchase.

Pretentious Game Screenshots

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