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Globe Tattoo defies expectations with their best product portfolio yet!

Tattoo LTE Mobile Wifi with Powerbank

In matching the country’s unstoppable growth, Globe Telecom’s broadband brand Tattoo rounds up its services with faster, stronger and better connections, to make sure you get the most reliable broadband possible. This year, whether at Home or on the go, Tattoo empowers you to break expectations so you can make your mark.

Opening up a wonderful world of possibilities, Tattoo Home Broadband makes every household keep up as it unleashes the fastest broadband connection with its upgraded speeds within the same and more affordable plan. Starting at Plan 1599, the formerly 3 Mbps Tattoo Home Broadband bundle has now been upgraded to a faster and more reliable 5Mbps speed. This gives families the power to quickly and easily get the business of life out of the way so they can focus more on actually living it. Designed for families who put a value on time, and want to swiftly take care of their online tasks, or those who simply prefer a rewarding online experience for themselves and their families, Tattoo Home Broadband defies the limits of home connectivity while putting more value for the same amount.

Other upgraded Tattoo Home broadband bundles are also available. Choose the plan that’s best for you starting at Plan 1099 at 2 Mbps, Plan 1299 at 3 Mbps, and Plan 2499 at 7 Mbps. All bundle plans come with broadband plus landline with FREE and Unlimited calls to all Globe and TM phones — still the best value home connection in the market today.

Likewise, the lifestyles of the young and able evolve to suit their growing need to expand, explore, and experience. Tattoo Prepaid and its new Mobile Wi-Fi devices breaks the limitations of mobile internet with faster, stronger, and more practical connectivity. Equipped with the most efficient and widest mobile WiFi portfolio yet, Tattoo Prepaid unveils the fastest devices that make way for infinite possibilities.

Choose your power among Tattoo Prepaid’s new mobile WiFi devices – 4G Mobile Wifi for only Php 1,995.00 that powers up to 10 devices with speeds of up to 12 Mbps; 4G Mobile WiFi at P 3795 that powers up to 10 devices with speeds of up to 12 Mbps and comes with a powerbank feature that can fully charge your devices up to 3 times; , and finally the LTE Mobile Wifi at Php 4,995.00 that also powers up to 10 devices with speeds of up to 42 Mbps together with a powerbank feature that can fully charge your device while on the go.

Tattoo 4G Mobile WiFi with Powerbank
Tattoo 4G Mobile WiFi with Powerbank

And as success ceases to rest, Tattoo Postpaid plans on the other hand guarantee unstoppable LTE connectivity with its improved mobile broadband postpaid bundles. Starting with plan 299, all Tattoo post-paid plans are now LTE-ready, allowing its subscribers to boost their regular connection to LTE speeds of up to 42 Mbps, making lag, waiting and buffering history. Tailor-made for goal-getters who are always on the go, Tattoo promises speeds that allow you to instantly keep abreast with the latest trends, news and information, while giving you the power to rule over your work, and other lifestyle agenda, online.

Tattoo 4G Mobile WiFi
Tattoo 4G Mobile WiFi

Tattoo Postpaid lets you avail of a mobile Wi-Fi device under Plan 299 and 499 for only Php 500.00 one-time cash out. Never miss an opportunity with Tattoo’s free LTE stick or regular mobile Wi-Fi with your Plan 999. Stay online anytime, anywhere you need to with plan 1299/1799/2499 that now comes with a free LTE mobile Wi-Fi. All mobile Wi-Fi devices can power up to 10 devices. Subscribers of Plan 299, Plan 499 and Plan 999 may also upgrade their browsing speeds from 12 Mbps to LTE speeds of up to 42 Mbps for only Php 300.00 per month.

Tattoo LTE stick
Tattoo LTE stick

And as far as premium broadband connection goes, Tattoo Platinum unleashes fiber-powered connection at the metro’s most prestigious addresses. Available in Forbes, Urdaneta, Bel-Air villages and now in Serendra, Rockwell, and other exclusive residential towers, Tattoo Platinum delivers up to 150Mbps of breakneck speeds for the discerning few. True to its promise of breakthrough connectivity and premium service, Tattoo Platinum treated the lush building city to a season of perks and privileges. New and existing Tattoo Home Broadband subscribers in the area and Rockwell Club members who choose to upgrade to Tattoo Platinum received choice lifestyle gifts such as hotel memberships, premier cinema passes, and gadgets. Customers also had a choice to get 50% off for Plans 20Mbps up to 100Mbps for one whole year. All Tattoo Home Broadband subscribers in the Rockwell area also get the chance for a free 15-day trial of Plan 19999, making the high life synonymous to high-powered speeds at high-value discounts.

So, choose the broadband service that best suits you, while making more things possible, with the country’s most reliable mobile broadband, Tattoo, and guarantee to be ahead of everyone else, with faster speeds, stronger connections, and better deals all rolled into one.

Experience a blazing fast internet connection with Tattoo. Learn more about these new offers at tattoo.globe.com.ph, visit any Globe store nearest you, or call 730-1010.

Source: Globe Telecom

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