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Urbanears Spring/Summer 2014 collection is now available in the Philippines

Urbanears Spring/Summer 2014 Collection
Introducing Urbanears Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

This season’s collection is inspired by three thirst-quenching colors that look just as good on a pair of headphones as they do garnish in an ice-cold cocktail. Urbanears hereby bring you the Spring/Summer 2014 collection in the Philippines. This season's collection is inspired by three thirst-quenching colors - Forget-Me-Not, Julep and Citrus. More details after the jump.

Forget-Me-Not is bluish purple color named after a flower of the same shade. It’s also the name of a cocktail with apple and cherry flavors, the perfect refreshment this time of year. Whether you chose to wear it or sip it, Forget-Me-Not is a winner all around for every one of your taste buds, musical ones included.


Julep is a saturated icy green color, with a hint of blue to round it off. Traditionally associated with mint garnish in the classic cocktail, this refreshingly good concoction is always hard to resist. Bottoms up, this thirst-quenching shade is bound to satisfy.


Pucker up to Citrus, an intoxicating yellow shade that’s more sour than sweet (but in that deliciously good way). If it’s a bit of zest you’re after, Cirtus is just the color for the job. As we like to say, when life gives you lemons, make them into headphones.


Urbanears releases two color collections each year – one for the Spring/Summer season and one for the Fall/Winter season. Each collection features three new colors that once have been sold out, may not return. We carry over two colors from previous seasons each time in addition to five standard shades that are always in our collection. The result is a grand total of 10 fresh and handpicked colors each season. In addition to this, we release a handful of Urbanears Editions, which are special models with a little something extra.

Source: Urbanears

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