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Voyager launches locally-developed Babble Messenger chat application

Babble Messenger

Created in the Philippines by local developers, Babble Messenger brings a wide array of chatting options and features that appeal to local users in the Philippines, the so-called “texting capital of the world.” These features include, among others after the jump.

Secret messaging: One-to-one chatting is already the norm, but what if you want to maintain the privacy of your conversations and keep things just between you and your chat mate? With Babble Messenger’s secret messaging feature, you can send text and photos to a friend and watch it disappear forever within the span of ten seconds.

Chatrooms: Are you a fashion maven? Do you like to try out and play a lot of video games? Or perhaps you’re the type who wants to travel the world? Whatever your interest is, Babble Messenger lets you meet people of the same pursuits as yours with its chatroom feature. Who knows, you might just find your one true love in one of Babble Messenger’s many chat rooms.

Group messaging: Planning a Friday night out with your closest friends? Round the gang up and create a dedicated group for your barkada on Babble Messenger, where you can contact everyone at once for updates, whereabouts, party photos, and the like.

Stickers: Words are sometimes not enough, so Babble Messenger offers its users a collection of fun, quirky and creatively designed stickers with characters that express a wide range of emotions outside the usual hi’s and hello’s.

“It’s already a given that Pinoys love to chat—we are, after all, the so-called ‘texting capital of the world’,” said Benjie Fernandez, Chief Operating Officer at Voyager Innovations, Inc. (Voyager), creators of Babble Messenger and a wholly owned subsidiary of Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart).

“Babble Messenger hopes to answer to many Filipinos’ insatiable appetite to talk and socialize, whether it’s with their significant other, their group or friends, or with other chatters they randomly meet online,” Fernandez added.

Aside from chats, users can also send multimedia content such as photos, videos, and voice messages to their friends through Babble Messenger. Fernandez said they will be building up more features in the coming months to meet the demand by local users.

Available on Android and iOS smartphones, Babble Messenger offers unlimited chatting fun to all mobile users here and abroad. The service is offered for free with no data charges to users of SmartNet, the free mobile portal of Smart, while standard data charges apply for subscribers of other networks.

Users can enjoy unlimited messaging and all these other features by downloading the free Babble Messenger app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. For more information, please visit www.voyagerinnovation.com.

Source: Smart Communications

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