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Globe Telecom partners with Anino Games on mobile in-app purchase

Manila Rush

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom has partnered with Philippine pioneering development studio Anino Games on a charging tool that allows the purchase of a variety of items directly within a mobile phone application using prepaid or postpaid credits. More details after the jump.

The announcement was made during the recent Globe-organized Manila Game Jam 2014 which was conducted simultaneously in 72 countries worldwide.

The charging tool was created by Globe Labs to allow developers like Anino to integrate an operator billing feature in their apps so that Globe smartphone customers can buy mobile in-apps such as premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions even if they do not have credit cards. Instead, the amount will be deducted from their existing prepaid load or be charged to their postpaid bill.

“We understand the dilemma which local developers are facing. They want to create free apps but at the same time, earn from it. Right now, most goods and value added services within an app can only be bought using a credit card which not all people have. By coming out with the charging API (Application Programming Interface), Globe Labs is able to give developers an option to charge for their in-apps using the easiest method available – mobile load credits,” said Anne Michelle Santos, Developer Relations Manager.

A recent study done by mobile advertising firm Vserv showed that the Philippines has recorded the highest number of downloads of games and apps among Southeast Asian Countries with about 78 percent having downloaded at least one app during the August 2013 research period. The situation augurs well for Filipino developers who now have a bigger chance to showcase their products and to monetize it.

Anino’s new running game, Manila Rush, is the first mobile game to use this kind of payment method although Globe Labs charging API is open to all developers.

Manila Rush has its main character Miguel run through EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue) as he races against the clock to get to work on time. With magical flip-flops at his feet, Miguel can be controlled to run fast or jump high to avoid swerving cars, construction works, and other obstacles along the way. Coins can also be collected to record high scores as well as power-ups such as the Agila Energy Drink, Score Booster, and the Piggy Bank Coin Magnet to help Miguel thread through the traffic easier.

Anino Games is a third-party game developer specializing in end-to-end game development for desktop, mobile and tables whatever operating system they are using and is the most experienced game development studio in the Philippines. Its original games have been winning awards since their release, such as: Independent Games Festival (2004), International Mobile Game Awards (2006 and 2007), and Indie Games Showcase (2007).

Source: Globe Telecom

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