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KTC launches L51 Smart TV series: Ultra narrow bezel, quad-core processor and Android 4.2 OS!

KTC L51 Smart TV series

KTC, an OEM flat panel TV making giant, is actively engaged in research and innovation, and has recently launched the L51 Smart TV series. With the Android 4.2 operating system, a built-in quad-core processor and a dual-core GPU, this product series features excellent performance and functions. At present, five mainstream sizes are planned to be put into mass production, including 32", 39", 42", 48" and 55".

In terms of exterior design, the KTC L51 TV has two highlights. First, the innovative design of a complete narrow bezel is adopted with no part of the bezel exceeding 9mm, saying farewell to past designs that only have a narrow bezel at the bottom edge. The full narrow bezel design highlights the delicacy of the entire TV and maximizes users’ view. Second, the body of the KTC L51 TV is designed with a brand-new structure; the thinnest part of the body is only 15mm thick, making it the thinnest body among existing direct-lit flat panel LED TVs. The distinctive black glossy full narrow bezel, together with the light and thin body, makes the KTC L51 TV an elegant piece of artwork for the living room.

As to the hardware configuration, the KTC L51 is equipped with an ARM Cortex A7 quad-core processor, the best performance in the industry; with the dominant operating frequency of the processor reaching 1.2 GHz, guaranteeing smooth operation of the TV. The dual-core GPU, featuring excellent picture generation capacity, makes TV pictures brighter and more natural and significantly improves picture quality, colors, saturation, and contrast. In addition, the product is configured with 1G internal RAM memory and 4G of internal system memory, easily meeting everyday needs.

In terms of a smart appliance, the KTC L51 TV applies the latest open Android 4.2 operating system, and uses a smart TV operating interface especially for the Android system to ensure compatibility. Apps like QQ, MicroBlog, as well as apps that provide web TV, online video steaming and games can be installed.

Meanwhile, the KTC L51 TV is designed with built-in WIFI, realizing simple and convenient wired and wireless connections at any time. It also supports a wireless keyboard and mouse, allowing you to surf the Internet on the big screen. Furthermore, the KTC L51 TV also supports other solutions which can be customized according to different customers’ needs. At present, smart and non-smart solutions are available, which can be further sub-divided based on customers’ needs; customers can select solutions as they like.

To learn more, visit KTC at: http://www.ktc.com.cn.

Source: KTC

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