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Real estate marketplace Lamudi launches in the Philippines

Lamudi Philippines

Innovative real estate marketplace Lamudi has officially launched in the Philippines (www.lamudi.com.ph). The company is currently operating in over 21 countries across Asia, Latin America and Africa. The expansion in the Philippines merely highlights the high demand there is in the country for a real estate classifieds platform.

Lamudi PH has seen great growth since it opened in January, with nearly currently on the platform, and it is apparent that the Philippines will be one of Lamudi’s top markets in the upcoming months.

Following the economic crisis that crippled the world’s economic powerhouses and slowed growth in the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China), attention has turned to new markets as global businesses seek to find the next major business opportunities of the decade.

Analysts are increasingly agreeing on the importance of the PINE countries as new economic powers. The Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ethiopia are demonstrating impressively strong growth in what remain difficult economic circumstances globally.

The Philippines is the fastest-growing economy of the emerging PINE markets, growing its GDP by 7.2% last year. Neighbouring Indonesia has been similarly excelling, exhibiting growth of 5.7% in the last year, which is expected to continue to grow at over 6% this year. These levels of GDP growth are stronger than that expected for China in 2014. The PINE countries are within the business portfolio of Lamudi, a major global online real estate marketplace.

Paul Philipp Hermann, Co-Founder at Lamudi, commented on the company’s expansion into the leading PINE country: “Over the last month Lamudi has expanded across Asia, Latin America and Africa. The growth in the Philippines was important to us as we had earmarked the country as one where we knew our powerful product would be one that Filipinos would feel at ease using.”

In Asia especially Lamudi has been fast gaining traction on their competitors and recently announced that they are market leader in Myanmar, as well as being the fastest growing platform in Indonesia and Pakistan. The company prides itself in being a knowledgeable market expert in the field of real estate in the emerging markets.

Lamudi recently released data which shows that the majority of people, 69%, searching for properties in the Philippines are looking to rent, which is staggeringly different from their neighbours Indonesia, where Lamudi saw over 90% of customers looking to buy. This highlights the divergence in Asian property markets, but Lamudi’s innovative online marketplace is excelling in meeting a diverse range of demands across South Asia - whether that is for renters or those seeking to buy.

Lamudi is confident that it can make the Filipino real estate consumers’ search for a home an enjoyable, hassle-free and more convenient experience through its easy-to-navigate website. Aside from its sophisticated site, Lamudi takes pride in its partnerships with the country’s leading developers such as SMDC and Megaworld.

Jacqueline van den Ende, Founder and Managing Director at Lamudi PH spoke about the launch and the company’s aspirations: “We are confident that over the next six months we will the market leader here in the Philippines, we have already noticed a high volume of customers to our site in the first couple of months which just indicates how valuable the service that we are providing is.”

Whether people are looking for properties for rent or for sale, the internet platform enables customers to easily find or sell their house, apartment, commercial property or land online. At the same time, property providers and agents get a trusted online presence through a personalized webpage.

Key characteristics of Lamudi are its diverse property offers, the intuitive website set-up and the high security standards to avoid fraud. The business platform operates under a high level of transparency through professional photos, updated listings, detailed descriptions, reports and rankings for 100% of its properties in each market. The Lamudi platform helps brokers to manage their inventory fast, easy and stress-free.

Source: Lamudi Philippines

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