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Fashion and Fitness blogger finds “The Fit and the Fashionable” in Lenovo Vibe X

Lissa Kahayon

Some fashion statements are fleeting, but there are also those that can become a lifestyle and a mantra for life. Take it from Lissa Kahayon, fashion blogger, entrepreneur and a devoted fitness enthusiast who has embraced the new kind of fashion found in being fit and looking even better.

With all her pursuits, Lissa has since found the one true tech brand that is as flexible, as fashionable and just as perfectly fit like her -- Lenovo.

Having both style and substance
Lissa describes herself as being fickle minded and unpredictable but you can see that if there is anything that’s consistent with her style, it would be that every time she steps in front of the camera, there’s a perfect snapshot moment waiting to be captured.

When asked what her favourite feature of the Lenovo Vibe X is, she replies, “I love the camera. I never knew that I could take better photos with just a smartphone! It takes pretty awesome shots!”

This is all thanks to the dual high-resolution cameras of the Lenovo Vibe X. Not only do you have the 13-megapixel rear camera with BSI sensor (one that can also take 1080p HD videos), there’s also the 5-megapixel front camera with an 84-degree wide angle lens for high-quality selfie shots and video chat. Lissa adds that she can easily use the selfie shots taken during laidback moments and simple selfies for her blog posts.

The Lenovo Vibe X makes it easier for Lissa to document her fashion endeavours — whether it’s for the fashion shots in her blog, in her gym episodes as she maintains a fit lifestyle, or in her line of work, where blogging and social networking often collide.

Of course, being in the fashion industry, you need more than just a smartphone that can be on the same pace as your fast-paced lifestyle—it also has to look the part of a much-needed accessory to one who belongs in the high-fashion scene.

“As a fashion blogger, it has to be something that can go well with my outfits and it has to have a nice camera since I like sharp, crystal clear and artsy photos for my Instagram,” says Lissa. “I was pleasantly surprised it’s so thin! It’s lightweight, too, so I can just stash it inside my pocket or bag.”

The technology with stamina
While she’s not the kind of techie person that looks for specific specs in a phone, Lissa admits that she does look for a smartphone buddy that can last as long as she needs it to. “In my line of work, I always need my mobile phones so that I can constantly update my social networking sites. I need my camera for my outfit shots and events, and I can’t live without my laptop,” she says. “That’s why when I buy a mobile device I usually just take into consideration specific factors like a sleek design, high screen resolution, and LONG battery life.”

This is exactly why she has been enjoying the time she spent with Lenovo’s Vibe X, which boasts of a powerful 1.5GHz quad-core processor for easy and seamless multitasking, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS for fluid operations with the latest apps and games, and a smart whopping 2000 mAh battery that can withstand up to 16 hours of talk time–all packed into one of the slimmest premium smartphones in town.

In the same way, Lissa has been a fan of gyms and workouts -- going so far as to become one of the first fitness-fashion bloggers in the country. She confirms that Lenovo has the same stamina as her when it comes to keeping up with a demanding schedule and work life. She also adds that she appreciates the fact that the Lenovo Vibe X has a wide 5-inch screen that does not to the bulk of the phone; this feature is very important to Lissa since it keeps her from straining her eyes during long hours of keeping her fans updated wherever she may be.

Lenovo Vibe X: The fashionable Vibe that delivers when you need it
As the newest brand ambassador for the Lenovo Vibe X, Lissa attests to the way the smartphone lets her go about her work without experiencing major hiccups in her plans. “The Lenovo Vibe X is a reliable gadget and it perfectly matches with my lifestyle and personality,” she says.

Apart from having all the right features that Lissa has come to love with the Lenovo Vibe X, the smartphone also prides itself for its curved display with Gorilla Glass 3, which allows the images to be softer and richer, as well as dispersed of any reflections. At the same time, it also boasts of a toughness that resists scratches, especially when you’re always on the go.

There’s also no denying the fact that the Lenovo Vibe X looks good -- it’s a smartphone that you’d love to flaunt, one that can make you look as good (or even better!) when you’re using it.

Whether it’s in taking her time updating her blog, working on some crunches at the gym, or just enjoying the little breaks in life with a pretty snapshot here and there, Lissa knows that the Lenovo Vibe X is something that will push her forward in any endeavour — and let her dip her toes in a variety of these activities and even more, matching her stamina and strength as she pursues her life-long goal of fashion to the fullest.

Source: Lenovo Philippines

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