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The Vibe of the Techie Life: KC Montero and Lenovo, His Techie Partner for Life

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No one else can give that youthful and go-getter techie vibe more than KC Montero, VJ, TV host, DJ, and actor. And for KC, nothing else can match the energy he has - when it comes to doing the things he loves -better than Lenovo.

Being a techie, KC was recently chosen as the first-ever local brand influencer for Lenovo’s smartphone products —a smart choice considering the kind of smartphones that the brand touts its technology for.

Not only is his appeal to the Millennial Pinoy generation a major pull—400,000 Twitter followers and counting, as well as his long-standing stints in the music industry—but his love for technology has just met its match in the line of Lenovo Vibe series smartphones.

“As a super techie , I can easily gauge the performance of these gadgets when I use them. And I think that matches Lenovo’s thrust of letting its customers choose from the range of products that they have which suits their lifestyle best,” says KC.

The partnership with Lenovo not only allows KC to become the face of the gadgets he loves — it also gives him a free hand to do the things he wants, and to share this enjoyment with his friends. “I like to think of myself as a go-getter. I want to get what I want, when I want it. This applies to everything in my life, including of course, the technology that keeps me connected and in the know.”

As the newest Lenovo brand influencer, fans will get to see more of KC as the promoter for the company’s newest premium smartphones, the Vibe X and the Vibe Z.

“With technology, I need everything to be versatile yet stylish, with no compromises,” says KC. “And both  the Lenovo Vibe X and Vibe Z give me that comfortable handling, extremely slick performance, and high-resolution and quality output—all while looking slim and stylish when I use it.”

In addition, the Vibe X and Vibe Z also bring out the creative side to KC, as features like the wide-angle 13-megapixel rear camera paired with the 5.5-inch 20/20 vision full HD display allow him to let his creative artist loose. Of course, the 5-megapixel front camera never fails to deliver when he needs the obligatory, once-in-a-while selfie that he posts on his social media accounts either.

KC Montero

Add the Lenovo Vibe X’s and Vibe Z’s preloaded and customized applications for sharing photos, videos, and even documents, and there does not seem to be anything more that he needs for his go-to partner-in-social-life gadget.

It’s like a match made in heaven between KC and Lenovo, but it doesn’t stop there. Besides videos and photobombs, KC and Lenovo are also planning to hold a series of exciting activities later this year.

“Lenovo is moving forward with new technology, and this time it is aimed at the young consumer market who have that creative appetite and longing for technology that suits their lifestyles,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager of Lenovo Philippines.

“Our company’s partnership with KC Montero is that first big step, as he embodies that youthful energy and aspiration that Lenovo showcases for the Millennial generation—a well-known celebrity who dabbles in the arts and entertainment and with a following on this side of technology, which is social media.”

As for KC, he feels that this is a chance of a lifetime for him not just to represent a brand he loves but to also expand the horizon for his inner techie self.

“I believe Lenovo chose me because I represent what the brand stands for—a DO-er who is committed to innovation. I make my dreams happen and I do everything I can to keep improving, keep pushing, and keep doing to achieve the greater things in life.”

Source: Lenovo Philippines

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