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Globe expands worldwide coverage to Japan with affordable calling service

Globe DUO International

Globe Telecom is growing its footprint worldwide as it reaches out to Filipinos traveling to and are based in Japan with DUO International, its pioneering calling service that makes international calls more affordable and easy on the pocket.

More than 250,000 Filipinos in the Land of the Rising Sun comprise the third-largest foreign community in the said country, who are employed as skilled workers, health and IT professionals, educators, caregivers, entertainers, and the like. They can now stay connected to families, friends and loved ones back in the Philippines as Globe recently made available to them the new DUO International service for Japan.

DUO Japan assigns a Japanese number to the Globe or TM mobile number in the Philippines. This way, calls from Japan are no longer considered long distance as Filipinos there may now call their loved ones' DUO Japan number directly while enjoying local domestic calling rates. At the same time, their families in the Philippines may receive their calls anytime and anywhere they are without the need for internet connection or special gadgets just to stay in-touch.

DUO Japan subscribers will further appreciate the new service as Globe offers it at an Introductory Price of only $10 until May 12, enabling Japan-based and other overseas Filipinos to keep in close touch with those who matter most to them.

DUO International is also available in the U.S., Canada, UK or South Korea. Similar to DUO Japan, a local number from any of these countries is assigned to the registered Globe Postpaid/Prepaid or TM mobile number in the Philippines. With DUO International, calling the Philippines from the said countries is easy, convenient, and affordable, just like making a local call.

Until May 12, all DUO International subscribers (DUO US, DUO Canada, DUO UK, DUO Korea, DUO Japan) may also avail of a 30-day subscription for only US$10, or P399, a huge 60% price-cut from the regular US$25 (P999) price.

There are numerous ways to avail of the DUO International $10 offer: via the DUO international website, where subscribers will be charged through a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card by following on-screen instructions. As long as the Globe or TM subscriber has at least P400 load credits, they can also register via SMS by typing keywords and sending to 8888.

For more information on Globe International services, visit www.globe.com.ph/international or check out DUO International through www.duointernational.globe.com.ph.

Source: Globe Telecom

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