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KataCloud storage app now available to Kata i3 and Kata Venus 3 devices!


KATA officially launches its latest online cloud storage app, the KataCloud, to Kata i3 and Kata Venus 3 devices. To update, just simply click on the FishCloud icon to automatically update it to KataCloud. Store your photos, videos, music and other files in the easiest and most convenient way through KataCloud, your secured online back-up storage.

To create an account for KataCloud, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Sign-up using your registered Gmail account with your full name. In case you haven’t registered your Gmail yet, the  app will automatically direct you to your phone’s Gmail set-up registration.
  2. Log in using your Gmail account address and put your password.
  3. KataCloud app instantly gives you a free 5GB storage which you can use to store files on 4 different categories: Music, Photos, Videos and Miscellaneous.
  4. Customize your storage by uploading any files and keep them organized by creating folders for each category.
  5. Click the sync button to sync your files from one Kata device to another.
  6. Go to settings located at the upper right hand of the app to log out.

Note: Please be reminded that you must have a wifi or mobile data connection to get full access to KataCloud.

Managing your files is never this easy with KataCloud! Upgrade your storage up to 200GB to stock up more massive files and documents on your app (coming soon).

Source: Kata Digital

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  1. I forgot the password. How can I recover it back and unlock my phone?


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