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Unleash your Superpower with WD and win an iPad Air or WD Black 4TB Hard Drive!

WD Superheroes Unite!

WD Philippines has just announced that it is currently having a contest called Superheroes Unite! Some superheroes don't need radioactive spiders or magic rings, they just are. Uncover your superpower today at https://bit.ly/wdsuperhero and stand a chance to fly away with an iPad Air or WD Black 4TB Hard Drive! You possess all-conquering superpowers that can save the world.

Keep this a secret no more. Uncovering that understated superpower and rallying for a following from other superhero friends will earn you bountiful returns.

The Rules of Engagement
Here, we explain how you can uncover your Superhero and form your Union

  1. Like the Western Digital on Facebook to begin.
  2. Make a few declarations on the Scroll to uncover your Superpower & stand to win big!
  3. Issue a call for arms and form a union of Superheroes.

Source: WD

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