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Epson improves Point-Of-Sale efficiency with cloud-enabled printers

Epson TM-I/TM-DT Intelligent Printer

Are you tired of long queues when buying merchandise from retail stores? As a business owner, are you losing customers because of long waiting times, or have lost opportunities to sell because product information is not readily available when customers demand it?

Global research* has shown that 75% of stores are looking to adopt cloud-based Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems in the next 5 years to improve the in-store customer experience and attract more shoppers. These systems help a retail store owner and the staff to have better customer interactions thereby increasing sales possibilities.

By providing information fast with the use of handheld devices and remotely printing receipts, these cloud-based POS systems can go a long way in carrying out transactions. And compared to traditional methods, they cost much less to install and can be upgraded faster.

All these are important factors to help keep ahead of the competition.

For customers, it lessens one of the major nuisances in shopping -- long lines to pay for just a single item.

As a leading manufacturer of Business Systems, Epson is at the forefront of providing such innovative, cloud-based POS solutions beneficial for enterprise. Among its hugely popular receipt printers, Epson Philippines has added a new range of intelligent devices that offer a compact, all-in-one POS cloud solution: the new Epson TM-I/TM-DT Intelligent Printer Series. Reliable, resilient and easy to upgrade, these Cloud-enabled Epson POS printers can also be operated remotely and are well-suited to busy retail environments.

These new generation Epson TM-I/TM-DT Intelligent printers are designed for running businesses on the Cloud, supporting retailers to print receipts and labels directly from tablets and other mobile device. Aside from being future-proof, these POS printers from Epson are customizable, provide hassle-free connectivity and platform flexibility, and has a smaller footprint. The Epson TM-I/TM-DT Intelligent Printer series is a convenient, elegant, and straightforward printing solution that is ideal for restaurants, hotels, bars, and other retail outlets. With a unique built-in Epson core technology (called ePOS-Print) it enables the TM-I series to receive XML commands from various web applications.

Epson TM-Intelligent TM-i Series Features:

  • TM printer with TM-i intelligent unit
  • Built-in web server
  • Smart receipt printing using ePOS-Print API (TM-i Firmware Ver.3.x or earlier)
  • Smart peripheral device control using ePOS-Device (TM-i Firmware Ver.4.0 or later)
  • Easy TM printer expansion using Printer Hub
  • Easy setup and deployment
  • Stylish & small footprint design 
  • Energy saving

Epson TM-Intelligent TM-DT Features:

  • TM printer + powerful CPU unit with resilient interface for peripheral devices
  • Built-in web server
  • Smart peripheral device control using ePOS-Device
  • Easy TM printer expansion using Printer Hub
  • Easy setup, deployment and maintenance
  • Stylish & small footprint design
  • Energy saving

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