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Globe announces 100% nationwide 3G connectivity, 4G HSPA+ by September!

Globe 100% nationwide 3G connectivity

As of July 2014, Globe has just announced a 100% nationwide 3G coverage, which means you can expect 3G speed as your basic mobile data connection. More details after the jump.

This enables you to never lose that instant connection with your friends on Facebook, to tweet and post selfies from anywhere in the country, to send and respond to emails even when you're on the road, and to keep yourself entertained at all times by your favorite music and video streaming services.

It gets better. In September this year, Globe will roll out 100% 4G HSPA+ connectivity across the country. All the wonderful things you get to do now with your mobile internet, you'll be able to experience with a faster connection.

INFOGRAPHICS: Globe 100% nationwide 3G connectivity!

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