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Smart *121#: An easy-to-remember go-to number to unlock Smart prepaid offers!

Smart go-to number
Click *121# to unlock Smart prepaid offers

Smart recently introduced an easy-to-remember go-to number that gives all Smart Prepaid users convenient access to over 30 calls, text and data offers. Smart Prepaid users only need to remember to key in *121# on their mobile phones to check out and avail of existing prepaid services that suit their mobile lifestyle. Access to this service is free of charge.

After clicking *121#, a menu of prepaid unlimited, combo and data offers will appear on your mobile screen. You simply have to press the corresponding number for each item to enjoy your preferred services.

“Accessing Smart’s *121# number now provides much simpler and easier way to avail of your favorite services as you have all of Smart Prepaid’s great offers at your fingertips," said Joel Lumanlan, Smart Prepaid Head.

“You no longer have to memorize a lot of codes and tediously key them in on your phone. It’s practically having an umbrella code get the best out of your Smart Prepaid account. All you need is just one number that opens up a menu of Smart Prepaid's affordable services and you're all set.”

Enumerated on the *123# opening screen are Smart Prepaid’s Hot Offer, Top Offers, Combo Offers, Unli Offers, and Internet Data Offers.

The menu also includes a description of each offer so subscribers are clearly aware of the inclusions before subscribing to any service.

To help you keep tabs on you latest available balance, the menu also includes a My Account item, which automatically sends your latest load balance via SMS for free.

For more information, simply visit http://www1.smart.com.ph/prepaid/dial121.

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