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Tokyoflash releases the unique Kisai Radioactive LED Watch

Kisai Radioactive LED Watch

Tokyoflash Japan, an unconventional watch design company based in Tokyo has just released a new LED watch design, the Kisai Radioactive. The Kisai Radioactive LED watch was originally a concept on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog, designed by Tokyoflash fan Hitoshi Yamada from Japan.

Danger lights flash from beneath a vibrant display panel that indicates the time. An industrial looking brushed stainless steel case with matching strap creates a striking contrast. Kisai Radioactive, a bold watch design that is sure to get you noticed.

With a brushed stainless steel case and strap and a mineral crystal lens, Kisai Radioactive is a solid watch and has a fully adjustable strap designed to fit both small and large wrists. The watch display features a vibrant silk screen with a strong color film which stands out even when the display is off.

Kisai Radioactive is a USB rechargeable watch. To recharge, connect to your computer with the USB cable provided. One full charge will take 3.5 hours and each charge should last 1 month.

Like all watches from Tokyoflash Japan Kisai Radioactive is a limited edition design which means that it is guaranteed to be an original watch that not many other people own. The Kisai Kaidoku Wood is available at the special release price of $139 (around Php6,000) and you can purchase one through Tokyoflash’s website.

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