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Acer Switch 10 tablet-laptop hybrid now available under Smart Bro’s Gadget Plus Plan 1299

Acer Switch 10 tablet-laptop hybrid

Smart recently announced that the new Acer Switch 10 tablet-laptop hybrid is now available through Smart Bro’s Gadget Plus Plan 1299. The Acer Switch 10 combines the best of a working laptop and keyboard with the versatility and convenience of a tablet. If you want to enjoy your games or movies just use the tablet mode, then snap it on to the accompanying dock once you want to get work done.

Under Plan 1299, the Acer Switch 10 comes with a free Smart Bro Pocket WiFi that includes with 50 hours of Internet surfing every month, enough to get things done and still leave enough room to browse Facebook, Twitter, and your other favorite sites on the go.

“Having the right tools at your disposal at the right time can spell the difference between success and failure. The Acer Switch 10’s versatile modes can help you get from play mode to work mode in no time, saving you the time and effort from having to bring two separate devices around” said Michele Curran, Data and International Services Marketing Head at Smart.

So get the most out of your mobile device for work and play with the Acer Switch 10 from Smart Bro, also available at Plan 999 with a P6,000 one-time fee upon subscription.

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