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Talk 'N Text PisoNet: The most affordable Internet package for only P1 per 10 minutes!

Talk 'N Text PisoNet

Smart recently announced that it will soon enable its subscribers to access the Internet on their mobile phones for as low as P1, dubbed “PisoNet,” Smart’s new mobile Internet offer will be initially available to Talk ’N Text subscribers and shall allow access to all apps and websites for only P1 per 10 minutes and effectively puts the hourly rate at just P6.

Set to be rolled out this month, the service is much more affordable than the standard P5 per 15-minute charging rate for mobile Internet.

“Now, one peso is all you need to access the Internet. PisoNet thus brings the many benefits of the Internet to more Filipinos nationwide, especially those who are accessing the Internet for the first time using their phones,” said Charles A. Lim, EVP and Head of the Wireless Consumer Division at Smart.

“With this upcoming service, the user is not limited to specific sites or apps. They can thus access the mobile apps and sites that are most relevant to them at a more affordable price,” Lim added.

PisoNet will soon be initially available to TNT subscribers, who only need to simply text PISONET to 5555 to enjoy the offer.

Note: In using PisoNet, subscribers are blocked from using video streaming sites and file-sharing activities.

Source: Smart

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