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ASUS M32 desktop PC now available in the Philippines, priced at Php28,990!

ASUS M32 desktop PC

Looking for the best desktop computer for home use? You might want to get your hands on the ASUS M32 Desktop PC. The ASUS M32 desktop PC performs everything from your daily tasks with enhanced energy efficiency. Multitask with several apps at once thanks to the 4th gen Intel Core processor. Whatever you choose to do, M32 makes it happen with unique optimization for increased performance and power efficiency.

All ASUS desktop has the “Smart Cooling System” that removes dust from the system unit and reduces operating temperatures by 11.4 degrees Celcius every time to start it up, perfect for those who work long hours in front of computers. Not only that, the M32AD delivers top-notch performance with 4th-generation Intel Core for power efficiency.

ASUS M32 desktop PC Specs, Price and Availability
Specs: Intel Core i3-4150T processor (HD Graphics 4400)/ Windows 8.1/ 4GB RAM/
1TB HDD plus 100 GB of ASUS Cloud Storage free for 1 year.

Pricing and Availability
For only Php28,990 (SRP), it is already bundled with an 18.5” ASUS LCD monitor. M32 Desktop PC (M32AD-PH009S) is exclusively available at Octagon Computer Store nationwide.

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1 comment:

  1. Lol, 28k for this shitty spec'd desktop. Magpa assemble ka nalang, for 28k yuou would already get an awesome desktop.

    Never buy branded desktops... Zero value for your money. Pweh!!!


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