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Tokyoflash Kisai Online Wood: A limited edition natural wood watch with a built-in accelerometer!

Tokyoflash Kisai Online Wood Watch

Tokyoflash Japan has just released the limited edition Kisai Online Wood watch featuring an accelerometer that reveals the digital time when you turn your wrist. Kisai Online Wood is a digital watch so is as easy to read as any other wrist watch. The "always on" display is made up of vertical lines which look like a cryptic pattern to outsiders.

Like all wood watches from Tokyoflash Japan, Kisai Online Wood has been carefully crafted from 100% natural wood and is a limited edition design. The watch has an adjustable strap and is a lightweight design suitable for small and large wrists. A clear coating has been applied to Kisai Online Wood for protection and durability.

Available in two styles, all dark sandalwood or maple wood with dark sandal wood lines in a choice of natural, blue or red LCD display, Kisai Online Wood features time, date, alarm and animation. The Kisai Online Wood is priced at $99 (around Php4,500) and you can purchase one through Tokyoflash’s website.

Note: Due to the natural qualities of wood, the color and grain may be slightly darker or lighter than shown in the photos.

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