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Lumia 535: A firework at Chinese New Year Food Wok

Chinese Lucky Charms with the Lumia 535

Microsoft Lumia 535 ushered in the Chinese New Year with a fun food wok on the streets of Binondo together with tour guide to the stars, Mr. Ivan Man Dy.

The Lumia 535, the first ever Microsoft branded Lumia smartphone that sports a 5-inch screen, 5MP rear camera and a 5MP wide-angle, front-facing camera, graced each stop of the tour all over Chinatown. It provided opportunities for some of the participants to use the Lumia Camera app to take photos of popular Chinese food items. The spring rolls of New Po Heng, special noodles and tofu at Quick Snack, dumplings of Dong Bei, desserts including tikoys of the famous Eng Bee Tin looked so mouth watering and appetizing in all the photos. This was made easy with the help of the manual adjustments for ISO, exposure, shutter speed, and white balance similar to professional cameras.

Participants of the tour were also impressed by apps such as HERE Maps that gave directions to various streets in Binondo, Manila even when offline. The Lumia Selfie app was also a lot of fun to use because it captured more smiles of people and the historic backgrounds of Chinatown. A foreign tourist during a group selfie was surprised that the front-facing camera of the Lumia 535 was enough to fit 20 people in the selfie without selfie sticks that take space in your bag.

The affordable device which is available in the lucky color green, orange, white, cyan and black for only Php5,990 (SRP) also provides Microsoft experiences including Skype, Office, OneNote, and 15GB storage space on OneDrive.

Microsoft Lumia 535 left the participants in awe with its explosive performance as it immortalised the flavors, the colors and festivities of the celebration of Year of the Sheep.

Sampling some Chinese food with the Lumia 535

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