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Purchase digital gift certificates from all over the world with BeamAndGo.com


You will look at overseas transactions never the same again----well, at least digitally speaking. Tired of queues at remittance centers and banks to claim your loved ones’ hard earned cash? Delayed packages? Itch no more! A 1st in the country, BeamAndGo.com caters the need of every Filipinos abroad!

How it works?

OFWs can purchase online gift certificates redeemed to partner stores in the Philippines.  After online buying, these certificates will be sent to the receiver’s mobile phone to be converted as goods back in the country. The company will have a system so that both the sender and receiver can view the status of the transactions.

Aiming to deliver the basic commodities (ex. groceries and medicines) and offering fees less expensive than the traditional remittance centers, sureway, BeamAndGo.com is a digital friend.

To sign up, please check the following link: http://www.beamandgo.com/

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