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Pay your taxes online in 3 easy steps with PNB iTax!

PNB iTax

Avoid the rush when paying your taxes! Philippine National Bank (PNB) brings PNB iTax, the country’s first online tax payment service for individuals that provides a convenient way for customers to pay taxes without going to a BIR authorized agent bank

The PNB iTax is in line with the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) eBIRForms project which aims to provide more convenient and accessible filing channels for taxpayers who are enrolled in the BIR Interactive Filing System (BIR-IAFS).

Pay your taxes online in 3 easy steps:

  1. Register your TIN at eBIRForms, https://ebirforms.bir.gov.ph;
  2. File your tax return through eBIRForms and get your Filing Reference Number (FRN);
  3. Pay your filed tax return through PNB Internet Banking – Bills Payment.

Open an account with PNB today and enjoy the convenience of PNB iTax.

To know more about the PNB iTax, visit any PNB branch or call PNB Customer Service at (02) 573-8888 or email customercare@pnb.com.ph.

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