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Introducing the CliqueFieMini: Minimalist Chic Design and Ultra-portable Selfie Stick!


CliqueFie, makers of the game changing and stylish selfie stick is proud to announce its ultra-portable member of the selfie stick clan, the CliqueFieMini. CliqueFie That’s a mini CliqueFie (if you look close enough). Bad jokes aside CliqueFieMini is a serious product. Seriously awesome. The CliqueFieMini is everything you want in a selfie stick but packed into small, portable, and stylish.

When not in use the CliqueFieMini measures surprisingly small at 9 inches long (23cm) and weighing only 5oz (138g) which is roughly the size of an iPhone. However when the CliqueFieMini is in “selfie mode” it can go as far as 30 inches (72cm), which is literally 2 and a half feet, so you can be sure that everyone can get into the shot. Also to make sure that your pictures stay “intact” the phone mount that is on the CliqueFieMini features 40 Newtons of locking force.

The CliqueFieMini is currently available in six colors – white, black, blue, yellow, green and pink.


CliqueFie expects a full product release as early as June of 2015 and right now you can get two for the price of one. That’s right it’s buy one get one free! Simply order one CliqueFieMini and we will send you the second CliqueFieMini of the same color at no additional charge!

The MSRP of the CliqueFieMini is $24.99 (around Php1,100).

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