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LG introduces first-of-its kind Dual Door-in-Door refrigerator in the Philippines

LG Dual Door-in-Door refrigerator

Global technology innovator LG Electronics continues to expand its line-up of premium and practical refrigerators as it launches another first in the market, the Dual Door-in-Door (DID) refrigerator.

Dual Door-in-Door makes use of LG’s award-winning door-inside-refrigerator-door concept, doubling convenience over its single Door-in-Door counterparts. Powered by LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor, the refrigerator is energy efficient, runs quietly, and serves as a durable, long-lasting addition to any kitchen.

A beautiful display piece
Encased in a diamond black stainless steel finishing with a cutting-edge touch display system, this sophisticated appliance sports two mini-doors, each seamlessly mounted on top of the unit’s main top doors, allowing owners to store and conveniently locate frequently consumed food and drinks. The refrigerator comes in an expertly crafted design which is aesthetically pleasing and ideal for any kitchen and home interior.

Smart and functional
The Dual DID feature also allows users to open the refrigerator without exposing its entire interior, thus minimizing the loss of cold air, which is now even made crisper with the upgraded Hygiene Fresh+ air purification system. The right Door-in-Door compartment is accessible from the outside with the simple push of a button allowing it to be used as a ‘family space’. The left Door-in-Door compartment can be opened by a handle at the bottom of the door and serves as a designated ‘cooking space’, ideal for storing essential cooking ingredients such as previously prepared vegetables, condiments and sauces.

LG Dual DID refrigerator

Accessible through both the Door-in-Door as well as the main door, the incredibly convenient Tilting Basket is also located within the ‘cooking space’ on the left side of the refrigerator. Both Door-in-Door compartments are also equipped with Moving Baskets, enabling users to easily adjust the height of the internal compartments as they see fit.

The area at the bottom of the main compartment is inefficient dead space in most refrigerators. However, LG makes use of this dead space through its groundbreaking Extra Space compartment which opens up a new area in the refrigerator ideal for storing small food items such as eggs, cheese and sliced deli meats. Moreover, with the Folding and Sliding Shelves, storing food items of any shape or size has never been more convenient. LG’s comprehensive organization system also extends to the freezer section’s EZ Ice Maker and Easy Pull Drawer that is easy to open and can safely support heavy items.

LG Philippines Home Appliances Vice President Youngmin Chae said, “LG always wants to be at the forefront of technology that is responsive to consumers’ need. We don’t stop at one innovation, and the LG Dual DID refrigerator is a testament to that.”

Well-designed, convenient and energy efficient, the LG Dual DID refrigerator which retails for Php159,995 encapsulates all that is needed from a central home appliance.

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