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Once lets customers shop for steals with swipes


Once is a mobile shopping application that enables shoppers’ value for money for the best products through targeted, exclusive flash sales.  Being the brainchild of a 10-year marketing veteran, Glen Macadaeg, co-founded with a team of software engineers, Once will let customers enjoy exclusive, very limited-time offers ----exactly why like every minute is a private sale.

The app combines several methodologies that makes the shopping experience more exciting:

  • Products are presented one at a time.
    • Presenting products this way reduces indecision - customers will only think "Do I want this or not?"
  • Touch the products to see the details.
    • Same as pulling out an item that piques their interest from rack or a shelf, and asking a store personnel, Once provides potential customers more information about the item.
  • Swipe left if you don't like the product
    • As natural as flicking through a rack of clothes, customers swipe products they’re not interested in to the left. The catch: they won’t see the product in their feed ever again.
  • Swipe right to put it in your shopping cart.
    • However, the customer is only given 5 minutes to decide if he/she wants to purchase the item or not, or else, the opportunity to purchase it at a discount will disappear forever.

App Website: http://grabatonce.com
iOS App Download: Download the app here


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