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Be ready for SY2015 with the right tools from Smart Bro


The opening of classes this school year is just around the corner, so check out Smart Bro’s affordable laptop bundles with as much as P2,000.00 discount on initial cash-out fees,  and get armed and ready for the projects and academic requirements ahead.

Get your very own Windows 8.1-powered laptop and a 7-inch tablet with the ASUS X200MA plus Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V bundle from Smart Bro, available at Plan 999 with an initial cash-out of only P2,500.00 (from P4,500.00).

Students can use these devices to search Google or Wikipedia for online resources on their projects, download images and other multimedia materials for their school reports, or coordinate with their classmates and groupmates via Facebook, Messenger, Viber, or other messaging apps available today—all through high-speed mobile broadband connectivity from Smart Bro.

“Having the latest tools can help students advance in school, and with affordable gadget plans plus high-speed Internet from Smart Bro, they can easily finish their homeworks or do extensive research online, enabling them to be ahead of the pack at school,” said Michele Curran, FVP and Head of Data Services at Smart.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V

Tackle all your school requirements, research, and projects on the very capable 11.6-inch ASUS X200MA laptop, which comes with a one-month FREE Trial of Microsoft Office 2013. And when you’re on the way to school, you can easily keep tabs with classmates and groupmates through the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V dual-core tablet.

Both devices are powered by the ultrafast 4G Pocket WiFi from Smart Bro, backed by the largest and most advanced broadband network nationwide. At Plan 999 and Plan 1299, you’ll get All-Month Surf for all your light and casual browsing needs, plus 750MB of volume data allowance for heavier Internet activities, such as streaming and downloading files.

You also have the option to choose from other laptop plus tablet bundles: HP Stream laptop with 2 years Office 365 Personal subscription plus Samsung Tab 3 V at Plan 1299 (P500.00 initial cash-out, from P2,500.00), HP Stream laptop with 2 years Office 365 Personal subscription plus Asus Fonepad 7 at Plan 1299 (P1,000.00 initial cash-out, from P3,000.00) and the ASUS X200MA plus ASUS Fonepad 7 at Plan 999 (P3,000.00 initial cash-out, from P5,000.00).

Printing a lot of documents for school papers or thesis requirements? Smart Bro also has you covered with its laptop plus printer bundles! At Plan 999 with All-Month Surf plus 750MB of data volume allowance, you can take home either an ASUS X200MA (P500 initial cash-out, from P2,500.00) or an Acer V11 (P4,000.00 initial cash-out, from P6,000.00) laptop, a Samsung M2020W printer, and a 4G Pocket WiFi all in one complete package!

So don’t get left behind—arm yourself with the perfect tools and start the school year right with the ultimate gadgets and high-speed Internet from Smart Bro. These offers are only available until June 30, 2015.

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