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Blue Core: Yamaha's New Technological Brakethrough!

Yamaha Blue Core Technology

Yamaha has always challenged the limits of motoring technology to pioneer brand new innovations that will better serve the world. It is always an aim to steer the industry standard and give its users the advantage of always being a step ahead. Coming to light is a new generation of engine that is developed under the ideal of maximum performance that meets unparalleled fuel economy.

This state-of-the-art breakthrough is called the Blue Core, the engine that will redefine strength and consumption in breathtaking fashion. Promising more power with less fuel, riders in the Philippines will feel the benefits of an engine with optimum combustion, reduced power loss, and increased cooling efficiency.

The Blue Core isn’t just about riding performance; it is also for the empowerment of both the rider and the machine. The unity of both creates an experience that takes the rider to a higher level and brings out peak ability of the model. The technology aims to unleash the passion inside each individual complemented by a burst of energy at a low cost.


  • Improve Combustion Efficiency - Optimized valve timing, Optimized valve shape Tuble flow effect, High compression ratio and Compact hemispherical combustion chamber
  • Reduced Mechanical Loss - Offset cylinder
  • Improved Drive-Force Efficiency - Primary and secondarysheaves with lower thrust force design, High final reduction ratio, Low idling RPM (at engine start/Speed increased/Speed decreased), Smooth feeling during acceleration/deceleration
  • Improved Cooling Efficiency - DiASil Cylinder, Oil jet piston cooler, Compact high-effieciency cooling fan, New shroud shape, Tin cooling fins

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