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CloudPad One: Lollipop just got sweeter

CloudPad One

Earlier this year, CloudFone launched the first Android Lollipop tablet to be introduced in Asia—The CloudPad One 7.0. Just a few months after this launch, with the drive to disrupt the market, CloudFone introduces two new devices to complete the series -- the new CloudPad One 6.95 and CloudPad One 8.0 which stays true to the CloudPad One Series’ promise of being ALWAYS UPDATED, featuring OTA software upgrades for up to 2 years; filling the gap in a fragmented market.

“No other brand takes tablets more seriously than CloudFone. CloudFone is driven to empower Filipinos by continuously innovating to fulfill the promise of Tablets For All, and bringing the latest technology within people’s reach,” said Eric Yu, CloudFone President & CEO. “Our collaboration with industry leaders guarantees that our products are developed with the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance. Our foundation is built on pillars of innovation, and joining ventures with our partners propels us towards achieving one goal of unifying the experience and ultimately, bringing Android for All.”

Faithful to being ALWAYS UPDATED, CloudFone now offers more options to choose from, making sure that this CloudPad One 7.0 follow-through guarantees that this time, no one gets left behind.

Straight from CloudFone’s innovation lab, the all-new CloudPad One range brings the same promise of a future-ready device that offers optimized functionality, reaching out to everyone in different screen sizes, specs and form factors to suit different needs and preferences. The CloudPad One 6.95 and CloudPad One 8.0 are both set out to do the same amazing things that the CloudPad One 7.0 did; truly delivering to its pledge of regular up-to-date Android OS upgrades before everyone else, standardized software & hardware that is perfectly tuned to run a faster & smoother Android experience, intelligent battery management that optimizes processing speeds and power use, and more!

CloudPad One 6.95

With the CloudPad One 7.0 being a testament to this, the device has already received the Android Lollipop 5.1 OTA software update! From being Asia’s first tablet device to run Lollipop 5.0 straight out of the box, CloudFone brings another “first” by announcing that the latest Android version, Android Lollipop 5.1 has already arrived here in-country with the CloudPad One series.

CloudPad One 7.0

However, it doesn’t seem to just end there. Yu also spoke with confidence on how the rest of the year will play out for the industry. “It’s an interesting year and everyone’s up to proving that it’s a different ball game now,” teasing us on bigger news to come and sweeter treats to be served soon.

CloudPad One 8.0

The CloudPad One 6.95, CloudPad One 7.0, CloudPad One 8.0 will be available in stores starting June 19, 2015.

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