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KTC brings TV designs into the 3.0 era with L91F Series

KTC 49L91F
KTC's 49L91F

As essential home appliances, TV are experiencing increasing changes of late. An excellent TV product is not only powerful experience in appearance, but also has outstanding performance. Increasingly, consumers are requesting products that are no longer just defined by the mere performance requirements for a television, but rather, in today's competitive large-screen TV market, an excellent design is also become a must have feature when shopping.

Television sets have changed quite a bit from the CRT models to today's LCD TVs. In general, the appearance of modern TVs has gone through many changes represented by 3 stages. The first stage was a full plastic appearance where the entire television appeared in all plastic, such as heavy CRT TVs, projection TVs and earlier LCD TVs. This design was mainly due to age limiting technology, manufacturing abilities and the internal structure of a television, and of course for reducing costs.


The second stage was the plastic and metal mixing stage, including post-metal plastic fronts with more after the former metal plastic design. This design first appeared in the LCD TV era, where as the CRT TV appearance represented the era of the heavy old style. Some manufacturers, in order to highlight their appearance of the product differentiation, began to put a surface metal frame design on the TV because of the fierce competition in the market.


The third stage is the stage of an all-metal exterior. This has been a result mainly of the market requirements from people wanting something more elegant to show. Television is no longer just a pure entertainment device; it is returning to its original place as a center piece of the living room becoming a work of art in the home to be displayed in and of itself. Manufacturers are starting to focus on the art of the TV appearance and are striving to present something that can go with the overall harmony of the home. For such a result, an all-metal exterior with metal base design has emerged, such as KTC's L91F series TV.

From a practicality standpoint, a TV appearance with an all-metal material is not only able to better reduce electromagnetic interference signals and help dissipate heat, but is also more stable in the long run. At the same time the metal shell will not burn in a fire, a good safety factor to consider. Also the metal base is more sturdy and strong as opposed to a plastic base one.

From an aesthetic point of view, a thinner and narrower metal frame can better blend with the TV screen, with the visual effect being closer to a borderless result. The ultra-narrow metal frame shell, as if a piece of art carved, exudes a calm yet strong atmosphere.

KTC is working hard to bring some of the most innovative and stylish televisions the world has yet to see.

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