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Lenovo gives Jarmaine more reason to spread the joy and beauty of giving

Jarmaine Santiago

As part of its active commitment to inspire more Doers, Lenovo is lending a hand to beauty guru Jarmaine Santiago, the United States (US) based Filipina behind make-up blog Hey Jarmaine and JLovesMac1. Lenovo will sponsor Jarmaine with a Yoga Tablet 2 Pro which will assist with running the blog site and its social media channels along with a contribution of USD5,000 to Give 41, a charity organization run by Jarmaine to provide basic necessities to impoverished children in the Philippines.

“Being a CSR-oriented company, Lenovo finds ways to positively change the lives of people through innovation and technology. Lenovo is proud to support Jarmaine of JLovesMac1, Hey Jarmaine and Give41, and we hope to inspire more Doers like her who wish to leverage on technology and social media to improve the welfare of Filipinos,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

Making the world more beautiful, one video at a time
Formerly social media-shy, Jarmaine developed her own voice to connect with her subscribers on a personal level. Today, the beauty guru shares make-up and hair video tutorials through her blog and social media platforms. The tech-savvy blogger uses her Yoga Tablet 2 Pro when checking emails and managing her social media channels on the go. She also loves to replay and review her edited videos with the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro’s built-in Pico Projector.

Having built a solid network of subscribers, Jarmaine resolved to leverage on her reach to help homeless Filipino children whom she strongly identifies with and regards as her kin. Having spent her growing up years in an impoverished Philippine barrio herself, she knows how the poor struggle just to meet their basic necessities. Now based in the US, Jarmaine founded Give 41, a site that allows people to purchase clothes and shoes for the benefit of poor Filipino communities.

On top of the USD5,000 donation, Jarmaine has also been collaborating with Lenovo by filming videos for the brand. In return, Lenovo donates Php41 (USD0.99) to the charity for each “like” generated from her subscriber network. Regular site visitors may also contribute Php41-which costs less than a cup of coffee in the US- to be a part of Give 41’s cause.

A Doer with a vision
By coming up with videos for Lenovo, Jarmaine hopes to generate more funds for Give 41 through her fan base and subscribers. Additionally, she intends to continue leveraging on her partnership with Lenovo to better spread her advocacy and make her organization known to potential donors worldwide.

“Having experienced living in a cinder block home only hoping for a roof to shelter us from heavy storms, I can easily relate to the plight homeless Filipinos face today. Through Lenovo’s support, I hope to continue distributing clothes and other essentials to more homeless Filipino children as my way of giving back to the homeland that has shaped my identity,” said Jarmaine.

Learn more about Jarmaine in Mission Adventure and I want to Adopt a Baby. You can check out her other videos at JarmaineTV.

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