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Upgrade your SSD with bang for the buck KINGMAX SME Xvalue!


The loading speed for online games has a lot to do with the servers in question, but the loading speed for single-player games is mostly determined by the player’s storage drive. Take Grand Theft Auto 5 for example, when you take on missions, be it Capture, Last Team Standing or Race, your computer will be required to perform specific loading. The disparity in performance between HDD and SSD becomes apparent. That said, KINGMAX SME Xvalue SSD features SATA 6Gb/s transfer interface and offers a transmission speed up to 540MB/s, which is favorable for the loading of massive data!

For financial reasons, some players have opted to tolerate the crawling speed of conventional storage drive. But ask yourself this: is it ever worth wasting your valuable time due to the poor performance of storage drives? KINGMAX’s SME Xvalue series come with modest and affordable price tags to provide an ideal choice for budget-tied gamers. KINGMAX use Micron’s top-of-the-line MLC dies for NAND Flash to deliver the best value and high quality to consumers. With outstanding solutions, KINGMAX offers exceptional security for your precious data. As a leading name in memory products, KINGMAX not only prioritizes the quality of its SSD products but also strives to achieve superior performance.

Although 240GB has been the most popular capacity for 2015, KINGMAX knows what gamers truly want and has therefore made the pricing for its 480GB product even more affordable. Here’s another way to put it: without compromising its premise of upholding the highest product quality, KINGMAX wants gamers to be able to buy products with their preferred specs without being intimidated by factors such as pricing.

Housed in an extremely compact case (at merely 100.5(L)x69.85(W)x7.0(T)mm), SME Xvalue 2.5” SSD packs all the good stuff without eating up valuable physical space in your system. Products in the SME35 series also come bundled with brackets for consumers who need them. With 1500G/1.0ms shock resistance, KINGMAX’s SME Xvalue 2.5” SSD delivers enhanced protection for data integrity and more efficient data read/write performance for superior data storage reliability.

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