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Archos PC Stick Unveiled: The Ultimate Portable Computer!

Archos PC Stick

Archos unveils the ultimate portable computer, the Archos PC Stick. The future of portable mobile computing, Archos PC Stick packs the power of a personal computer in a compact HDMI-connected drive that fits into any pocket.

Archos PC Stick can be plugged into any HDMI equipped screen, including monitors, projectors and televisions. Once inserted, the PC Stick will automatically boot to reveal a full computer with access to an array of Windows mobile programs.

To control and operate the Archos’ PC Stick, users can connect keyboards, mice, and other accessories to the device through Bluetooth or an USB port. In addition, the PC Stick is compatible with all Windows, Android, and iOS keyboard applications and game controls, transforming any smartphone or tablet into a keyboard.

Archos PC Stick comes with Windows 10, the latest Windows operating system optimized for mobile performance, and a variety of pre-installed productivity software; including Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile. PC Stick users can also take full advantage of Cortana, Windows’ personal assistant, and browse the Windows store for access to a myriad of applications to customize and enhance their experience.

Archos PC Stick with Windows 10

To power Windows 10, Archos PC Stick comes equipped with an Intel Quad-Core processor, Intel HD Graphics, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a micro-SD card slot for additional storage if needed. Archos PC Stick will be available for only $99 (~Php4,500) and is perfect for business travelers, students, or those wishing to save space at home without sacrificing computing performance.

Source: Archos

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