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New interior design solutions hub opens in Ortigas

Designery store

Brushstrokes Creatives, a member of the Primer Group of Companies which offers full-scale print service, recently opened its first Designery store in Robins Design Center in Ortigas City.

Designery (Design + Nursery/ Hatchery) latches on the need to bring innovative interior design ideas to its customers who play in the growing real estate industry in the Philippines.

According to Mary Sy, Business Development Manager the new concept store is “a place where the team engages in fruitful collaborations with various interior designers and architects to bring home ideas to life.”

“Since Brushstroke Creatives’ establishment in 2005, we have been generating creative ideas in digital printing and cutting solutions”, Sy said. “Our Designery is already a step ahead in crystalizing those ideas that cater to all types of industries—may it be advertising, consumer goods, retail, real estate, interior design, and other architectural projects.”

The new interior design hub targets designers, architects, and contractors who need to cultivate more modern and upscale schemes for their own clients.

“We are also looking forward to collaborate with clients who want to give their homes and office spaces a more personal touch. This includes the newlyweds, business owners, and young professionals who want to implement their own designs with a touch of modernity,” Sy said.

Brushstrokes Creatives is under the Union Inks and Graphics Philippines, Inc. As a proud member of the Primer Group, BC, according to Sy said, will aim to come up with new ideas through innovation.

Sy concluded, “We care about value and quality, and that’s exactly what we’re giving our Filipino customers. Bespoke designs need not be costly; as we offer innovative home designs through our all-in-one center, we ensure that our clients, in return, will be able to innovate their homes in more ways than one.”

The Primer Group of Companies is engaged in the retail and distribution of premium consumer brands that range from outdoor, travel, wellness, urban lifestyle, ink-manufacturing, creative design services, and air-conditioning. Since 1985, the Primer Group is gaining ground as the leader in global distribution and innovation and premium goods and services in the Philippines.

Designery is located at level 2 of Robins Design Center, #31 Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.

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