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Yamaha Mio i 125 now available in the Philippines, priced at Php69,900!

Yamaha Mio i 125
Be Extraordinary with Yamaha Mio i 125

Yamaha Motors Philippines has released the new Mio i 125 that is designed for the rider that aspires to be better. Conceptualized with an M-shape design, its slim detail and compact frame is complemented by a dynamic front face and unique lighting scheme. Complete with the Yamaha Blue Core technology, developed under the ideal of maximum performance that meets unparalleled fuel economy.

This breakthrough is an engine that redefines strength and consumption. Promising more power with less fuel, riders in the Philippines will feel the benefits of light weight, optimum combustion, reduced power loss, and increased cooling efficiency. With this new technology in tow, the Mio i 125 will surely make your rides more special and extraordinary.

The Mio i 125 offers many features such as a large 10L capacity storage that can fit two rain coats and a jacket. A smart stand switch, a Yamaha safety feature that shuts off the engine when enabled. The Meter panel with Eco Lamp Indicator, a high quality display that allows a clear view of the instrumental panel and actual vehicle speed at all times & efficiency of power and fuel economy. The rider is guided by an “Eco Indicator” that lights up when the unit has achieved a quality pace. In addition, it is equipped with an integrated shutter key, the latest in anti-theft technology that makes sure only you can access your unit. A muscular muffler, a 3-way catalytic converter that functions in combination with engine control and oxygen sensor feedback.

It comes in the colors Blue, Yellow, Magenta, and Black, with an SRP of Php69,900 available in all Yamaha 3s Shops and Multibrand. The stunning graphics of the Mio i 125 will surely make you the talk of the town with its fresh and dynamic look which has a breeze-like lightness that shows smooth agility. This freshly reimagined combination of power and reduced weight will push any rider to do more that ever before.

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