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PicUp Makes Receiving Calls Fun with Selfie-Sending App


Newly launched PicUp is a simple, fun app that allows users to instantly display their customized profiles when calling friends. PicUp makes each received phone call a surprise, letting users offer their friends new, unique selfies, skins, and ringtones with each call.

To get started, users can download PicUp from Google Play. Then, users can select a ringtone from PicUp’s custom library of fresh sounds to share their mood with friends, or they can choose a ringtone in the musical style that their friend likes. Then, a skin can be chosen from PicUp’s library to customize what their dialing screen looks like. Users then take or choose a selfie to show their friends where they’re at and share the moment. “From now on, by using your personal profile, you can express yourselves and create a personal profile that tells your story at every call. At the end of each call you can share your selfie at Instagram,” said the PicUp team.

PicUp is excited to merge phone sharing with the phone dialer to enhance phone calls in a way that digital media has thus far not been able to do. Phone calls are still stuck in the 90s, but PicUp offers a unique and fun solution. Currently, the basic app is free, and premium ringtones and skins are less than $1 each. With its patent pending technology, PicUp looks to benefit leading music labels and art studios with a revenue sharing model.

PicUP Different Screens

A platform that benefits users and content providers, PicUp is excited to launch for Android devices. Users are leaving high remarks for the app. One recent user said, “Finally it’s fun and exciting to make a phone call! A cool and fresh app which revives the dialing experience. Finally!”

Due to amazing feedback they have received on their private alpha tests, PicUp are planning a big launch in the Philippines, this Monday, 13/7/15.

PicUp is available for download on Google Play and on www.picup-dialer.com, Download PicUp dialer and let the fun begin :)

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